Monday, March 17, 2014

~*Where Have I Been?*~

Getting my Farm~Girl on!

We lived in the 'country' at our old home, but our new home is much more remote... and much more 'country'.  Now we are finding ourselves soaking up more of the Country Life!  And we are enjoying every minute of it!

This past Saturday, we made a visit to the farm store and purchased some pullets.  I have always wanted to raise chickens and gather eggs.  We have a small building by our boat house that was used formerly as a garden shed... and, after cleaning it out this past weekend... it seems it was once a Chicken Coop.  I swept up lots of broken egg shells when cleaning.  We have plans to use it again as a Chicken Coop... once these little girls are big enough to go outside.

Feeding, washing, and just watching these baby chicks is enough to warm any one's heart!  Trinity, and myself too, are just dazzled by them!  I told my husband that I already want to go get more!  Of course, he told me to slow down and raise what I have first.  I'm thinking... he isn't with my all the times I am in town... I may just swing by the store and adopt a few more when he isn't around.  *WINK WINK*
 Having more acreage, and more chores on our list, also means we will most likely need a tractor.  Tony has a friend at work that was wanting to sell one... so, we brought it home.  Tony has a new 'toy' to help him with his chores.  He told me that he has always wanted a tractor!  I guess we are both getting things we have always wanted!  <3
 We are still finding things of 'beauty' around the home and yard.  As the seasons change, I am sure there will be more and more.  Seeing this gaggle of geese land on the pond just outside the backdoor was a true delight!
 Finding time to craft has been slim.  With chores around the home ~ garden prep, chicken coop cleaning, other yard work, house cleaning... and the list goes on ~ finding time for any crafting is slim.  Hopefully once Spring is in full swing, I will find more time & energy.  I am already feeling a renewed spirit and creative vibe!  

Browsing Facebook the other day, I saw a sweet wind-chime made of flower pots and a watering can.  I thought to myself, "I think I need one of those!"  I do have a collection of galvanized watering cans... but I also had this old, copper, lid-less teapot!  So... today I made one!  I gathered some flower pots from my shed, and found an old rope in the barn... and wallah!  Tony helped me hang it from the post off our back-porch.  Isn't it cute?
 I am still trying to get things made for our booth at ReRun Consignments.  Last weekend, I finished this little, vanity re-do.  The weekend prior, I stripped all the warped veneer off the top & sides of it... oh, that was a struggle.  

This isn't a great picture.  The paint isn't so 'pink'... the lighting was bad.  

The actual color is more of a taupe.  The knobs were stolen off another future, furniture re~do piece and placed on the drawers.  The stool was a freebie from a recent auction purchase.  (They threw it in with what I really wanted to buy at the time.)  I recovered the seat and painted it to match the vanity.  Perfect together!
 Here is the top of the vanity... it looks good & old!  I made sure some of the white from the first coat of paint popped through.
 The Lenexa hook-in was just a few weeks ago.  I was unable to go this year because Trinity had a basketball tournament.  (Being a Mom has to come first!)  His team came in 2nd for the season... but had a GREAT time working/playing together.  His former school was the 1st place team... so he was happy for his old friends too!

My good friend, Ginger, and my sweet SIL, Robin... didn't forget about me though.  They meet up to spend the day together at the show... and still brought me some gifts home!

How sweet they are!

These treasures are from Ginger... some of her great needlepunch yarn, a cute sheep, and a darling, wool pouch...
 You can see the cute sheep better on the shelf in the dining room...
 And these treasures are from Robin... some dip mix, a Bath & Body soap, a cute key charm, a wool tree on a spool, a wool flower pin, and a lovely crochet scarf she made...
Thank you, ladies!  You are the best!!!

Before the night winds down... I have another furniture project to finish in the garage... and baby chicks to tend to. 

Wishing you all warm smiles...