Tuesday, October 6, 2015

~*New Etsy Listings*~

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope you are all doing well... and having a GREAT beginning to Fall!  

(one of the Halloween pins listed for sale in my shoppe)

Things have remained busy on my end... working a new job and keeping up with family and our animal critters.  Today was a day off... and the first for over a month that I feel like my body may be catching up with my schedule.  I slept well last night and was able to get a lot accomplished today... including listing several Halloween needlepunches in my Etsy Shoppe!

Please CLICK HERE to take a look.  


I don't believe I've shared our chicken babies with you.  They hatched on or near September 1st.  So today they are about 5 weeks old (right?).  We have six babies.  We were able to do this only because my sister shared a dozen of her fertilized chicken eggs with us.  We don't have a rooster here... only 7 big hens.  One went broody (?... I'm new to this!).  So... we let her sit on the eggs we were given... and were so happy to see, that after 21 days, 6 hatched and they are all still healthy after 5 weeks.

We think (but, of course, don't know for sure) that we have at least two Roos in this bunch.  The one that my sister tells me is an American chicken, has been named Uncle Sam.  Here he is...

My SIL, Robin, did say we should call him Kernel Sanders.  I quickly NO~NOed that name!  It is funny though!

Here are all the babies together...

Wishing you all warm smiles...