Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good Monday Morning to you!!!!

Ok... so I am posting this on Sunday night.... I am just so durned excited!!! Monday, October 1st is my debute on The Primitive Gathering website & it is such an honor! Please, take a look at all these talented artists and their stunning offerings!! (the link is on the left)

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While you are there... be sure to sign up for the Autumn Gift Away. You could win one of many fabulously-prim prizes!

Also.... I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to my friend Deena. She is the webmaster for Primtiive Gatherings, the leader of our Ebay group, and the one that has added the 'frosting' to my picture trail(link is also on the left). I updated it the other day... but it was really like just plain ol' chocolate cake - yummy... but needs more sugar. Now it has the 'sweetness' added to it! Oh ya.... Deena's web name is SweetAnnee. Be sure to visit her web site... you will be D*E*L*I*G*H*T*E*D!


  1. Betty,
    WOO HOO!!! Looks like your dollies just flew right out of there....way to go girl!!!
    By the by....I made your "autumn trail mix" as we are calling it...used the dark chocolate m&m's and used craisins...YUMMY....but SOUNDS more healthy....yeah RIGHT!!!!

  2. Hi Betty!
    Your PT looks great!! I'll get my link over to you...I keep forgetting..LOL!!
    I've added your blog to my list!
    Hugs to you!!


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