Friday, January 4, 2008

~* My year of giving has given back to me! *~

Thank you all for the kind words and the votes on my poll! (The poll closes soon, if you haven't voted yet - please do.)

My friend Lee Ann... aka woodneedleprimitives on Ebay... has already used my first gifted pattern! She has only been doing needle punch for a short time (this might only be her 2nd piece!)... but you can't tell that by looking! She did a wonderful job ~ didn't she?! I love the old, muted, & dirty looking colors ~ looks like a 'loved' olde rug. Great job Lee Ann!!

Lee Ann woodneedleprimitives

Here is the link to Lee Ann's listing on Ebay..... (sorry, I have yet to figure out how to put a clickable link for you)

There will be another pattern coming soon. Also.... keep watching for some finished hand~dids. Yes, I am going to be giving some away this year! Remember, I do love to see your finished pieces. I would enjoy displaying them here on my blog and will be adding them to my picture trail too.

Also, BLESTB is having our Heart Strings launch. Please stop by to see all our goodies! I currently have a needle book listed... but have another goody finished & waiting to be listed ~ it should be up by Sunday night for you all to see.


Smiles for now! Betty


  1. ~Wow Lee Ann is fast...and wonderful too...looks perfectly olde...thanks Betty for being add a smile to my face~

  2. PsSsTttTt Betty would you mind sharing with me how you made a poll on your blog?Are you using the new version of blogger?I am using the old version..Thanks once again Sherrie


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