Thursday, February 21, 2008

~*A little How-To Hint*~

Have you ever used raw sheeps wool to stuff a pin cushion, pinkeep, or pillow? It is much different ~ very much different ~ than polyester. However, it is really good to use in pin cushions..... where the polyester isn't. Plain polyester batting will dull your pins & needles.... and it isn't a 'natural' fiber ~ you all should know by now, I love using natural fibers way more than I do man-made. (I just love the olde~tyme ways!)

Unlike that man-made batting, sheeps wool doesn't pull apart easily to seperate & fluff. I read in an old stitchery book that you should scissor your wool before stuffing. It really does work wonders! Scissor the raw wool into about 1' inch 'chunks' or smaller. This will allow you to stuff & fill your hand-did with ease.

Sheeps wool is great to use on your pincushions because the lanolin will get on your pins & needles helping you use them better.


Happy Stitchin!



  1. What a wonderful tip Betty! I learned something new today...thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful tip. Can't wait to try it.



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