Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~*Ladybug Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! We went to an estate auction (ALWAYS FUN!) last weekend. There really wasn't a lot there that I was interested in, but I did pick up this fun sprinkler. I've seen these in stores & always thought they were charming.... didn't want to spend the money on them though because they weren't really in the budget. I won the bid at the auction for much less than buying new.... great time to pick one up! This one makes me think of my Mom. My step-Dad has always called her June Bug ~ because her name is June, of course. Mom has never minded the nickname. However, I don't think she really likes june bugs. Mom has always had a crafty hand & on many of her completed works, has added a little, red Ladybug with black spots along with her signature or initials. Cute huh? (so is my Mom)

Here is the new sprinkler in action.... in the garden Mom designed for us in the front of our house.... it swirls & twirls!

Now, I'm thinking a chairpad or two..... or maybe a small round pinkeep set inside a vintage canning jar lid..... what are you thinking? :)

Have a day full of smiles!

:) Betty


  1. It's wonderful, and I love the story behind it. :D

  2. What a delightful find and your front garden is growing so well and weed~free! Your amazing what you accomplish. Thanks for sharing the ladybug. I'm collecting all your doodles and plan to make a primitivebetty sampler!

  3. Great sprinkler and perfect for your garden! It was meant to be!

  4. I'm thinking how lucky we are to have you as a friend! Ladybugs are lucky don't cha know?

  5. Oh how cute! The doodle and your lady bug sprinkler! Love the story on your Mom.

  6. Lady bugs rule! My Mom
    is a lady bug person too! In fact, she might just try to walk off with that sprinkler... she would have made some stiff competition for ya' at the auction! LOL! Since you asked, I'm thinkin' that lady bug doodle would make the perfect pinkeep in a canning jar lid!!! I also really like Ginger's idea of a Betty Doodle Sampler!!!


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