Thursday, August 14, 2008

~*Back To School*~

It is back to school today.... you know I have mixed feelings..... I'm both happy and sad. He, however, is thrilled to be back with his schoolmates! Can you see the happiness beaming from this smile or what?

Bye kiddo! Have a great day at school!

And he is off....

Now comes the time to figure out my daily schedule... my new, back to school routine. If I didn't have to visit the dentist this morning..... I would be hooking the little mat I started last night. But.... guess I gotta get the pearly whites cleaned first.

Have a great day, my friends!

Warm smiles to you! Betty


  1. The first day back to school how exciting for Trinity. He'll be home again before you know it with lots of wonderful exciting things to share with you!

  2. Darling picture. Ah, back to school - we don't do that until the day after Labor Day around here. Ben is thrilled of course. lol


  3. Trinity sure looks happy. Excitement just oozing out of him too. Have fun with crafting!

  4. I remember those days... Going back to school was a highlight of my life every year.

    May your quiet days soon be full of Creativity!


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