Tuesday, September 9, 2008

~*You Just Gotta See...*~

Hi Friends & Folks! I received a delightful email this morning from a very sweet gal by the name of Kathy. She said she was new to my blog (doesn't blog herself) & was really enjoying the freebie patterns that I've offered. She wanted to show me this...

Isn't the ~*Blessings*~ pillow sweet? Kathy, I love how you finished it off & am tickled to have a lil' piece of me in your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing!

Now folks.... you also must see this.....Kathy's Home. Kathy and her hubby have an awesome prim & BEAUTIFUL home. It is apparent all the love and attention they give to it. She said that her style is more colonial rather than extreme prim... but HEY... it is amazing! I'm sure you will like to have a look at it. Sit back & enjoy a cup of tea & a cookie while you do. :)

Many warm smiles to you...


  1. Betty,
    Kathy did a beautiful job on her piece from your pattern and her home is absolutely gorgeous. Kathy, I love how you decorated, you home is so warm and inviting.


  2. I have loved Kathy's home for months now. She is as sweet a person as her home is beautiful! I have had the pleasure of meeting her and her DH in person and they are just the nicest people. It is so clear that they have put a lot of love and talent into their home.

  3. Can I move in? I love what she did with her house.

  4. Wow Betty,
    That was such a treat to sit here and go through her home like that. So charming and inviting. Love her style. She presents it so well. Wish I had the gift for that. How honored you should be for her to have a piece of you in her home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy & I are good friends even though we've never met face to face. Her home is awesome and her handwork is simply the BEST!

  6. What a lovely post about my little cross-stitch pillow made from your sweet pattern...thank you so much! And, thanks for the nice comments about our country home....blessings, kathy

  7. Such a pretty piece.

    I am so enjoying your little kitty pattern, Betty. I am slow thee days as I don't get nearly enough time to stitch, but working on it a little here and there refreshes my spirit. Thank you for such a sweet and fun pattern.


  8. i found your blog through rondell's and i love it!!

  9. I love Kathy's home! So prim! Thanks for sharing! Love the freebie patterns too! Thanks so much!

  10. WOW!!!
    So glad I found your blog...what inspiration...(I was in a funk until I chanced upon your blog)
    Lovely work!
    Take care
    Jackie from The Red Door


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