Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~*Falling Leaves*~ Freebie Doodle

Hello My Friends! I thought it was due time for another doodle. With the coolness in the air and the shorter days.... Autumn is upon us. We are seeing more and more leaves in our yard & tripping over acorns and walnuts. When Tony got home from work last night, he spotted about six deer in the yard. They were enjoying the acorns and what was left of the grapes. It must have been a sight to see... but once they spotted him, they ran off to the soybean field.

Enjoy the doodle. Remember, I LOVE to see finished ditties & am always happy to post them here and share with all.

Many warm smiles,



  1. Thanks so much Betty...I was wondering yesterday when you were going to post another pattern:)
    Of course I'm going to do this so I'm saving it right now.

  2. Hi Betty - found this one I think its one of yours so I'm sharing wiht you.. I am totally new to prim stitching and LOVING it!!! here is the link to the finished and framed work.

    love your freebies!!!

  3. Betty, it's adorable. Thank you for your genorosity. I have all of yours in a separate file and I NEED to get to them. Too cute!

  4. Thank you for the stitchery.
    I should attempt, it seems to be quite easy to make.


  5. Oh my gosh, Betty - this is darling! It's printing as I type and will be done as soon as my little hands can muster.


  6. Thanks, Betty! I got hooked on stitcheries after reading all these blogs and I'm loving it.

  7. Betty,
    This is darling! I just sent the link to my hooking group!!
    I have your pumpkin hooked....I just need to sew it into a pillow and then I'll be sending you a picture!


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