Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~*Healing Up & Still Catching Up*~

Hello Dear Friends! Didn't I just post that I was catching up? Didn't I get caught up? Yes, I did... and no, I didn't. T'is the story of my life now days. Well, part of it is to be blamed on illness. Nothing major really... last week started with me having a head cold & giving it to the kiddo. He missed school two days, but is feeling all better now. Then, I had some sort of relapse and was diagnosed with strep throat. We are both on antibiotics now and getting back to normal (if there is a normal!). I'm just hoping and praying that my hubby doesn't catch the crud. With Thanksgiving only a few days away... it would be just terrible for him to be sick. Well, it would be terrible for him to be sick at anytime, wouldn't it?

There is so much that I want to post about. This may turn out to be a really long post... or maybe I'll just write off and on over the next day or two.

First off, I should apologize. I forgot to take my camera to the craft show on Saturday. We all did have a wonderful time... and boy was it crowded! With the economy going the way it is, it was really nice to see people out and about... and buying too! Although I only made a purchase of my beloved kettle corn, I did see many packages being carried through the crowd. I also over heard one woman say she was going to need to take a second trip to the car to free up her arms. There were all kinds of yummy goodies to oodle over ~ jams, fudge, cookies & other baked goods; there were snowmen galore; Santa was there in all shapes and sizes; and then numerous other goodies almost as far as the eye could see. It was really a nice way to get into the holiday spirit.

Next on my catch up list... I received another award! Goodness gracious!

This one is from my buddy, Marte at Boggy Creek Primitives. Thank you Marte! You are a sweetie for thinking of me.

The rules are that I pass it along to 5 I believe are amazing blogs. Oh goodness... where do I start?

Well, here goes....

1. Kay of The Rustic Cottage
2. Barbara of Mainely Stitching
3. Tanya of At the Honeysuckle Tree
4. Beth of The Twist Family
5. Sherry of Blog In Sherry

And that reminds me! I still need to pass this award on...

This is one that my dear friend, Ginger, of Primitives By the Light of the Moon gave me last week. I'm sorry to take so long getting it forwarded Ginger. Please forgive me! Thank you again though for thinking of me.

The rules are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award.
4. Add links to those blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

Ok... 10 blogs... some have probably already received this, but they probably deserve it a 2nd time too!

1. Debbie of Simple Country Blessings
2. Sandy of For the LOVE of Prims
3. Lottie of Sweetpeas Primitives
4. Patti of Winding Vine Wanderings
5. Terri of Thistle House Primitives
6. Bren of That Thing I Do
7. Tammy of Skip to My Ewe
8. Sher of Old Crow Farm
9. Cathy of Hooked on Primitives
10. Julie of Julie's Keepsakes

They are all a true inspiration with a wonderful creative spirit! I guess I should go let all these folks now I've forwarded the award on to them!

I've got a 1st grade Thanksgiving play to attend this afternoon (yes, there will probably be pictures posted ~ LOL) and I'm thinking of a Thanksgiving freebie... so please keep watching.

Until next time... many smiles to you!
~ Betty


  1. Oh no, Betty, you're too kind! Thank you.:)

    I hope you and your family manage to stay healthy. Arden and I have been playing pass-the-crud for a couple of weeks now. ;0

  2. Ah Betty ~ you are so kind! This is the first award I've ever received. I can't wait to show it off. Thanks! :-)

    I'm so glad the craft fair was a successful. I can picture it in my mind.

  3. You are so sweet to give me an award!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Thank you Betty! I will post the award on my blog!


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