Monday, December 15, 2008

~*Another Christmas Freebie*~

~*Christmas Kitty*~

Hello Friends! The days have been hectic, but I wanted to squeeze in another freebie for you. I don't think I'll have time to work this one up into a cross stitch chart, but it could be used for redwork, needle punch, rug hooking, painting, or maybe another medium of your choice. Enjoy!

Remember, you are welcome to use the doodle as you need it ~ change it up some if you want. T'is okay with me... just please give credit where credit is due.

Enjoy your day with lots of smiles!

~ Betty


  1. Thank you Betty. I love all of your patterns. Happy Holidays to you. Jan

  2. very cute pattern! thanks for making it available!

  3. Betty ~this is so adorable. Thank You, I just love it! You need to do another booklet soon. I always love your patterns.
    Hope your keeping nice and warm.

  4. Betty - love this- i have to hook this one! thanks - joanne

  5. Betty, I now have a file of just you lol. Need to start doing them and sending you photo's of them! Thank you so much for your generosity and talent.

  6. So cute Betty! You're so sweet to be giving these away!!!!

  7. Oh how cute!!! One of these days you will have to teach me to punch!


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