Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~* I Owe Lisa an Apology*~

Hello Dear friends! Oh deary... I do owe Lisa an apology. Before this year began, seven days ago... she sent me a note to show me her newest, darling ditty and I spaced off posting it to share! SHAME on me! Lisa, I am so sorry!! Here it is though... isn't it GRAND?!

I love how she made it into a cupboard hanger... and I totally LOVE the primming of it!

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing & working with my patterns. I promise to be more on-the-ball next time!

Warm smiles,



  1. No problem Betty, I know all about getting side tracked! LOL

  2. Love how Lisa made the cupboard hanger it's just perfect!

  3. It is a beautiful prim piece. The staining came out nicely. I love making little pillows that can hang from knobs or a nail, great for gifts.


  4. Oh I love how she "primmed it up" too! I want to do that one if I ever get the time! You have the nicest patterns and you are very generous to give us all these freebies! Thank you so much! ~Beth~

  5. That is adorable! I've done the same think in late postings....don't feel bad I think everyone has at least once.


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