Sunday, January 25, 2009

~*More to Share*~

Hello Friends! It has been a very full, but rather fun weekend. We celebrated the January Birthdays today at my dear, in-law's home. January Birthdays for this side of the family include my darling husband and my soon-to-be DIL Kristy. It was very hard to stay to my diet... but I think I did okay. Next weekend we celebrate more birthdays ~ my Sister and her boyfriend both have little girls with January birthdays. The party theme will be 'Fairies and Knights'... it should be really cute!

Another part of the fun this weekend was shared with my online friends. I'm a proud member of the Ebay group called An American Primitive Gathering. We held our first 'Retreat' this weekend ~ online. What on earth am I talking about? Well, we decided to set aside one weekend a month to creative works to be sold, gifted, or just cherished. We inspired one another with frequent chats & lots of fabulous photo sharing. The gals in this group are just so super! We all live in states that span the country East to West... but have a special bond of Kindred Spirits.

My dear friend, Kathy from the group has told me she has been gathering many of my freebies... but it wasn't until this weekend that she had the time to stitch one. I'm glad she had the time! Lookie.....

The original freebie as offered was for a scissor FOB, but Kathy's cupboard hanger is darling. I love the vintage charm of it.

Kathy, thank you for stitching & sharing.

Warm smiles to you all... Betty

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  1. Betty~ I'm sure you gals had lots of fun. Kathy did a wonderful job on the cupboard hanger.


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