Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~*Wonderous Wednesday*~

Well, so okay... maybe Wednesday has just started & isn't so wonderous yet... but I have some great enthusiasm to start off the day! I plan to spend ALL MY TIME crafting! No interruptions because I have way too much to get done. See? I have good intentions. LOL

I do want to share a few joys with you first though ~

Last night at Scouts was the annual Derby Car Race. Trinity is one VERY PROUD little boy! He and Tony spent a lot of time building this car. There was cutting, sanding, painting, more sanding,more painting, sticker decoration, weight calculation, and just lots of touches of 'pure perfection' that went into the making of this 'mean machine'. Unfortunately, Tony had to work last night & couldn't make the race. I tried to document the excitement with the camera & quickly sent him an email loaded with pics when we arrived home.

He was so happy! He won 3rd place! This is pretty good for a Tiger Cub... just his first year.

On a stitching note... I received another delightful ditty to share. Bren stitched up my Valentine freebie & said it is perfect for hanging on her Valentine tree. Valentine tree? That sounds GRAND! Bren stitched, stained, stuffed, and decorated her pillow with a vintage button & rusty pins. I've seen this ditty stitched many times now ~ each is a true treasure. Thank you for stitching & sharing, Bren!

Okay... time to get crafting. Many warm smiles to you...


  1. Way to go Trinity! That is so sweet. Love the pictures.. I have my husbands car he made in scouts in our closet, just tucked away. He laughs at me for keeping it.

  2. Trinity should be proud, what a wonderful car.
    Guess I need to get moving today and get some crafting done too, too much to do, so tackling one thing at a time;)


  3. Hip Hip Hooray for Trinity!!! His car looks so fine!
    Such a wonderful ditty and I love the thought of a Valentine tree.
    Have fun stitchin' today!!

  4. Good for your son, I bet he was so proud:)
    Love the stitchery too, she did a great job.

  5. Congratulations to Trinity. Love the finish on the valentine freebie.

  6. Woohoo Trinity!!!!


    my hubby STILL has all of his soap box cars!!! (and little uniforms too!)

    beautiful stitching too!

  7. What a cutie patootie he is!! :D I remember trying to build such a car when I was around 10 years old. We won't discuss what it looked like. LOL!

  8. Betty, you should be so proud of your beautful son. My eyes won't let me cross stitch anymore. (40+ you know) That's why I started hooking~~it's big!!
    Have a great crafty Wednesday. I was going to dye wool today, but I can't stay out of the window with my camera. The birds on the snow are so pretty. There must be 20 doves in the yard right now.

  9. Wooohoooo Trinity!! Awesome! Wow, your Valentine freebie is getting some beautiful finishes! Great stitching everyone!

  10. Way to go Trinity!!!! You made us proud! Now Mom you get busy and get some crafting done like all the things the girls are making from your wonderful patterns! Hugs, Sher

  11. Awesome, way to go, Trinity!! I must say, my son, Ben, was not cut out for the cub scouts. He was a scout for 2 years and tried but God bless him, that Derby did him in every time. Just not his thing. Trinity's car is super - so glad it was a great time for him. I miss the potlucks. LOL


  12. My Valentine is full of Hearts, rusty bells, love letters and a couple of ditties I stitched up. It is quite pretty.....if I do say so myself. Check back a few days on my blog and there's a pic there.
    Hugs, Bren

  13. Congratulations Trinity! What a sweetheart he can see how proud he is.

    A valentine tree sounds wonderful!

    Love the stitchery.


  14. Congratulations Trinity! Great job! The Tiger Cubs are so cute and he looks so proud of himself!


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