Friday, February 6, 2009

~*Freebie Friday*~

Hello Friends! I've been doodling & have a new one to offer you. Enjoy...

As I was doodling, I had the word 'Live' & thought of 'Love' in place of '1857'... but then thought you could add your own choice. Please feel free to make any changes you wish ~ just please give credit where credit is due.

Many warm smiles to you...


  1. Thanks, Betty! It's so sweet. I like the date instead of a word. I'm not changing anything. :o)

  2. I love your doodles Betty! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. Thank you so much Betty! You are so kind to give these away to us! You are so talented!

  4. Betty,
    Another cute design. Everyone loved the snow tony I made. I am so far behind, working on another punch now and need to mount the ones I finished. Way too many ideas and projects to do, want to do them all;)


  5. I like the date better too:) I can't wait to try it:)

  6. How cute is that design...bunny rabbits are my favorite!

  7. Betty, thanks for giving us another freebie, if you want to check out my blog I have been working on Willie has found love, it's a little heart that I did in Redwork. Also have enlarged the pattern to do a punchneedle rug which I will show you when it is finished. Thanks again for some fabulous patterns.
    Rosie x

  8. Another great doodle as always. I have some thread and needle in my hand ready to stitch one up!

  9. Betty,
    I love the bunny.My best friend is a bunny lover, so this will be a cute thing to stitch for her.Thanks, Amy


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