Friday, February 20, 2009

~*Friday ALREADY?!*~

Goodness.. where does the time go? Hello Dear Friends! I've been running around like a mad women getting things done here and there... I wanted to share some of my finished works with you. But, rather than have anything completely finished... I've got 'stages of progress' on numerous pieces. *sigh* There may be hope for me yet though! My buddies from An American Primitive Gathering and I are having an online retreat this weekend. We will be near our computers working on our ditties & trying to get some finishes done. So... with the encouragement from my friends ~ I've got a positive attitude. (I'll keep ya posted with some photos over the next few days ~ both with works in progress & finished... at least that is the plan!) Although, there are a few family commitments that I'm not going to miss... a couple of the little boys in our family are celebrating birthdays this weekend ~ one will be 4 and the other 10. Saturday is bowling & Sunday is pizza! FUN!

Here is one ditty I can share with you ~ not made by me though. This charming piece was made by Kathy Brewer. Kathy used the chart for the freebie scissor FOB to stitch this delightful ditty.

Another beautiful piece! Thank you, Kathy, for stitching & sharing!

Wishing you all a joyful, crafty day full of warm hearted smiles...



  1. That is a wonderful stitchery! And I absolutely LOVE the labeled jar in the background!
    Here is to a productive weekend for you to finish up all of your odds and ends!

  2. Kathy alwaus picks the best projects to work on and yours are the best. She has exquisite taste and it is so nice to see her work in blogland!!

    hugs, Linda

  3. I know, I cannot believe it is Friday, already too! Love the stitchery and the background.

  4. The online retreat sounds like fun! I'm not sure where my week went either!

  5. Oh, Betty, I can so relate to things being in various stages of nearly-finished. LOL. I hope you have a wonderful time with the online retreat!!

  6. Another great finished stitchery! Love how she did the display! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Miss Betty.

  7. What a beautiful picture. Kathy does such nice work and I'm sure she loves your wonderful patterns that you are so generous in sharing.

  8. Such a charming finish!!! I just stitched this design & haven't decided how finish-finish it : ) Thx for the free design


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