Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~*Sharing More*~

Another freebie, fabulous finish...

This one was stitched by Carla. The stitching & finish are darling... but I especially love the display. Carla doesn't have a blog, but she does have a really cool Webshots... full of crafty things, family photos, and AWESOME decorating pictures of her home & garden. Check it out! Thank you Carla for stitching & sharing!

I'm in the midst of another busy week. The temperatures outside are still nice today ~ suppose to be near 70, but we have a chance for snow when we wake up tomorrow. Now that is just CRAZY! I suppose the snow will keep me in & get me closer to working on the punching, hooking, and stitching that I have been trying so hard to get to. I have several projects started & always many more rambling around in my head. Guess that is the nature of the crafty, arty soul!

Many smiles to you...


  1. I just love dropping by. I always have things to get to and more in my head. I never understand when someone says "I don't want to retire, what would I do?" I have two life times of things I want to do ... and that's just creating stuff. Anyway, I love the candle sleeves, they are awesome. Thanks for another nice visit. Can I link to you on my Inspiring places to visit?:o)

  2. What a great display....Carla did a nice job!
    I hope you get up to 70F, that would be wonderful....we are still in the deep freeze :-)
    blessings, kathy

  3. Another great finish....Carla did a beautiful job stitching this one up!
    Betty ~ Wishing you lots of sunshine today and lots of stitching time!

  4. That is an awesome display!
    I am off right now to check out her webshots!

  5. I always love seeing how people complete your freebies.

    I have printed a few copies...must get out and try one. But once I complete my sheep penny rug.

    Have a great week :)


  6. Carla did a great job stitching and finishing this up! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your patterns! You are very generous.


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