Saturday, March 14, 2009

~*Saturday Sharing*~

Hello Dear Friends! We are beginning Spring Break here. Trinity is off school for a week & it looks like the weather is going to be very nice ~ in the 70s. I'm not sure what we will do to keep busy together, but think we have plans for visiting the zoo, going to the park a few times, and maybe painting his clubhouse. Oh, I've been wanting to share the clubhouse with you... it is going to be a Fun Boy Hangout! I'll try to post some pictures of it this week as we work on it. In the meantime... I've got to share some wonderful freebie finishes with you....

Smashingly Amazing!

Robby worked with my ~*Spring Freebie*~ to work up this totally darling, Easter bag...

She is now selling on Lemon Poppy Seeds. This lil' ditty may be one of her offerings soon. She has some really great prim bunnies listed now... be sure to swing by!


This version of my ~*Spring Freebie*~ was stitched by Loreta. It is so delightfully PRETTY! I love the softness, sweetness, & delicateness of it! WOW!

Isn't this just beautiful?!


The last for the day ~ but I sure hope to see more soon! ~ Bren has also stitched up the ~*Spring Freebie*~! Another TOTALLY DARLING finish! Isn't it just GREAT to see all the bunnies?!

Thank you Ladies for stitching & sharing! All the finishes tickle me silly with delight!

Many warm smiles to you all...



  1. All beautiful creations using your pattern. I was thinking of using just the two bunnies and flower, myself. Now if I can just finish the zillion other projects I have to do;)


  2. Beautiful work by all. May you have a fun week with your daughter.

  3. Thanks Betty. Do you have any idea of the linen that Loretta used? Her cross stitch looked so soft!!! Oh and the cross stitch I did isn't a bag...just a little peg hanging. Thank you so much for showing my second cross stitch...I am addicted!!!! xxxRobby

  4. All of these finishes are just beautiful! Brings Spring to my spirit for sure! I guess I should get stitching one up too as I LOVE the design! Thanks again for your generosity and creativity Betty! :-) Looking forward to seeing the Clubhouse too!!!! Such a fun age to be! :-)

  5. Robby, Loreta says her linen is ~ Antique Gold (Silkweaver) linen, GAST. It is very soft looking isn't it!

    Oops... sorry I goofed on calling the hanger a bag. It is darling either way Sweetie!:)

  6. Great finishes! Really love that one Robby did, may have to try her idea!

  7. What pretty creations, love them all. Really like Robby's idea, I may have to try that! Thanks for the info on the linen, I have never tried that kind before....maybe I will try and find some.
    Enjoy your March break and those wonderful temps!
    blessings, kathy


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