Thursday, April 9, 2009

~*Fun Egg Dying*~

Hello Dear Friends! Tonight we dyed our Easter eggs! Trinity and I made marbled eggs just like my father-in-law, Kenny, makes. He has been telling me for years how to do this, but it wasn't until now that Trinity and I gave it a try. We were both wishing that I had boiled more eggs because this was so much fun!!! They look more tie~dyed than marbled... but oh~so~pretty!

(One broke and Trinity ate it! We did have a full dozen.)

Would you like to know how to do it too? The materials needed are very easy to come by & the process is super simple! You just need a box of Paas tablets ~ very inexpensive & easy to find... vinegar, water, and vegetable oil. Dissolve your tablets in vinegar and water as directed on the box. Next, drop about a teaspoon full of vegetable oil into each dye color. Now the FUN part! Roll your eggs around in the colors ~ just in a sort of here~and~there manner. The oil keeps the dye from marking the entire egg at one time. We rolled in one color, then the next, then another, and another, and another until we thought there was enough color on the egg. After we were done, we just wiped the egg with a paper towel to dry. The vegetable oil leaves a nice shine on the eggs & makes them sparkle!

Now that Trinity and I have tackled the egg dying successfully, I am feeling more confident about dying the wool I mentioned yesterday. Thanks to those of you that left me wonderful suggestions, hints, and tips on what to do with it. I'll be using your instructions very soon & will post up what I come up with... good or bad!

Now... doesn't Trinity look PROUD?

(He had fun decorating his basket given to him tonight by Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard too.) :)

Wishing you a warm & happy Easter!

~ Betty


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. Those are some beautiful eggs. Makes me want to dye some of my own. Trinity did a fantastic job of egg dyeing.

  3. Those eggs look great! I'm {my kids!} going to do it this way from now on.


  4. Those came out beautiful, what a fun and easy idea.


  5. What great fun you two must have had. Trinity looks so handsome and those eggs turned out beautiful.

  6. It looks like you and Trinity had a ball! The eggs are lovely. Last year I got my class of 7 year olds to dye eggs....they loved it!

  7. Those eggs are fabulous. I love the colors. Trinity looks like he had a great time with Mom. Great job. Happy Easter!

  8. They turned out great Betty AND Trinity! will have to try it sometime. The one thing that cought my eye was Trinity holding the eggs in the basket and how much "older" he looks! He's really growing up.

  9. Looks like you and Trinity had a great time with those beautiful eggs. Very Cool! We will probably be doing our eggs tomrrow.


  10. Such fun and pretty eggs!! Thanks for sharing the directions, will have to try that!

  11. These are such sweet pictures of Trinity.

  12. Beautiful Eggs! Thanks so much for sharing Betty & Trinity, too! We were so excited, we decided to try it also. Although my boys (who are a bit older) refused to be in the pictures :) Take all the pictures you can now lol!

    Stop by to see our eggs...
    Blessings & Happy Easter!

  13. What beautiful eggs, and what a happy boy! :D Wishing you a joyous celebration! :D

  14. The eggs are lovely and Trinity is jut the cutest little boy. He has such a wonderful smile. I love seeing pictures of him.

  15. Wooo hooooo, those are some fancy eggs!!! Happy Easter, Hugs, MO

  16. Happy Easter Betty and Trinity! Great job on the Easter eggs~they're just beautiful. Hope you have a great day.


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