Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~*Tuesday 'To Do' List*~

Hello Dear Friends! Tuesday has begun with my 'To Do' List... sewing patches on the kiddos' Cub Scout shirt (tonight is the last pack meeting of the school year & he moves into being a Wolf Cub), ironing work shirts (oh how fun ~ NOT), cleaning the kitty box (really NOT fun), transplanting some perennials before the expected rain this afternoon and tomorrow, some light house cleaning... and then CRAFTING! I'm at the end of the list... just need to sweep the floors then I can PLAY! I'm not sure where my energy has come from today, because I didn't sleep well last night... but I'm on a roll!

Before I get back to my list, I have to share this delightful ditty...

This was lovingly made by Kathy as a Mother's Day gift for her dear MIL. She used the ~*Beholden*~ freebie & did a marvelous job. The fiber choices are very warm & I just love the hanger. Very nice, Kathy! Thank you for stitching & sharing!

Well... I'm off to get back to my List.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I like that shelf unit. I have some with longer backs and never thought to put a nail or two into them, then I can hang some of my little items.

    What a nice gift. I am almost finished with my have to do's, then I can work on my want to do's;)


  2. Hello Betty! What a lovely little pillow and how nice of you to share your sweet designs with everyone! Sounds like you were quite busy today~doesn't it feel good to get so much accomplished!I'm like you...get my housework finished first and then the fun...stitching! I bet you will sleep better tonight!(: Blessings~Kathy

  3. Looks as though you have had a day filled to the brim! Congrats to Trinity on all of his patches!

    Kathy's ditty turned out great and I'm sure her MIL loves it!

  4. NIce job, Kathy! I too like the colors and the hanger you made is perfect for it!

  5. Hello Betty! Nice to meet you and your blog! I really love your creations. Thanks for the cute freebies!

  6. Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

  7. Love that little pillow hanger. So cute! But I have to admit, I don't have much sympathy for you only cleaning ONE cat litter box. I have 3 boxes for 5 cats and I'm scooping all day long. It's just one of those chores that comes with having the cats. And since I love them.........!!


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