Sunday, May 31, 2009

~*Yesterday's Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday did turn out to be a lot of fun... even if I didn't bid or buy at the auction. We did go & we did see some olde junque... but it was mostly tools & rust. There were a few rusty things I would have liked, but didn't want to wait around for them. Oh well...we still had fun browsing thought it all.

Trinity did like this olde heap ~

After the visit at the auction, we picked up McDonald's and made a visit to see Jamie. He has been working really hard all week moving to a new apartment. He is thankfully near the end of the task. We helped with a load and brought home his laundry. As we were leaving, I spied a park bench by the trash dumpster. I just couldn't let it go to waste! The thought of 'dumpster diving' (it was sitting NEXT to the dumpster, not inside!) totally embarrassed Tony and Jamie... but I HAD to save it! We loaded it up and brought it home.

Digging through our garage, I found half a can of Uniform Blue paint. Just what I needed! Plus, down in the storage room, were some cutter quilts and raggedy, hobnail bedspreads. Again, just what I needed! With a little attention to this, a stitch to that, and a tightened bolt here and there... this is how it looks now!

We needed a spot to sit on our front porch & this didn't cost a dime!

Today will be spent taking photos of goodies for Lemon Poppy Seeds. The sites will be updated by midnight tonight if ya wanna see.

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. The bench is gorgeous!!!! You have an amazing talent for seeing the potential is just about everything!!!

  2. Great find Betty!! Even looked good natural. Love the blue though. What a great piece for your porch. I bet Tony will be eyeing things in the garbage differently from now on lol!

  3. I love your bench!! I love old rusty junque and I love "dumpster diving"....I see something "new and unusual" in everything I look at. My mind is just too creative my husband says. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Betty,
    You did a beautiful job on it. We see things like that and call them junk and you made a beautiful piece of new furniture from it.

    I guess I need to start looking at old outdoor furniture.


  5. Betty - you did a wonderful job on your bench - wow can't believe you got that painted and PILLOWS MADE - geez woman - you put your mind to sumpthin and it's done! I have the same doxie foot scraper you have! Too cute!

  6. What a great free find!!! Love it painted union blue of course:) Your idea turned out great!

  7. What a great bench! I love the blue color - something different from the usual red. (I have a wrought iron set that is painted blue) Did they get over the embarrassment once they saw how nicely it turned out?

  8. just what that little bench needed..looks so good and like the added decor on it too...:)

  9. Just wonderful, Betty. You did wonders with the bench. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow!! Love the lucky girl :) I had to smile when you said they were embarrassed because my DH would have been the same way! I don't know why he doesn't trust me after all these years when I spot a "bargain" matter where it is...LOL

  11. Just wonderful Betty! Love the blue!

  12. A great freebie turned into a picturesque little area!! It looks great ~ the quilt pillows look good, too!!

  13. What a great find in the bench. It turned out wonderful and love how you added the special touches.

    Trinity is looking as handsome as ever!

  14. HUGE score with the bench, love what you did with it! GOOD FOR YOU!

    Stitchin Sweet Sue


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