Saturday, July 25, 2009

~*Another Week of JUST KEEPING UP*~

With a 6yr old that is!

Hello Dear Friends! This is only part of our week ~ I didn't have the camera with me everyday.

This past Tuesday evening was the finale for our library's summer reading program. They provided the kids with a really fun concert ~ Monty Harper. It was held at our historic, Granada Theatre. We started by sitting in the balcony... what we thought would be the BEST seats in the house ~

We quickly had to move to the main floor though ~ Trinity had to DANCE!

He was tickled to have a chance to thank Mr. Harper for the fun & to pose for a picture with him ~

Trinity's preferred lunch meal (daily by his choice!)... PB&J!

It warmed up enough for a little swimming ~

Uncle Jimmy gave him a ride on the tractor. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

Of course, watching Uncle Jimmy is fun too!

...What is Jimmy doing with the tractor you might be thinking? Well, with the busy summer we have all had, there just hasn't been time for any go kart racing or track keep-up. So Jimmy is prepping the track. The first 'race' is scheduled for mid August... with our August Birthday party...

Yesterday, Trinity and I were in Topeka. I had promised him a reward of Chuck E. Cheese if he worked really hard on his reading practice all summer. I really think he has made an improvement and gained confidence with his ability. Hopefully his teachers will see that too. School starts in just a few short weeks!

He takes his video games seriously!

And proved that it is possible to ride a jet ski inside!

I've been very tired by the end of each day ~ understandable huh? BUT, have managed to stitch almost every night for a couple of hours. I've actually been stitching so much that I have (what I call) 'Stitcher's Finger'. OUCH! The middle finger on my right hand has a small slit on the tip of it... from turning my needle. I really should train myself to wear a thimble huh?

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. Oh, you've been busy!! Looks like Trinity's having a great time, which is what it's all about, right? ;)

    Stitcher's finger, huh? When I stitch a lot, I feel it in my elbow. I swear, I need a floor stand so I can do two-handed stitching. Someday!

  2. Hi Betty~cute post! "watching Jimmie is fun too" so funny! Little boys and their tractors! (: come to think of it..."big boys" and their tractors too! lol! Looks like fun at your house Betty! Enjoy! Hugs~Kathy

  3. Great to see all the fun you and Trinity have been having! Summer is flying baby will be 13 in a few weeks...but he's still sweet!

    I never learned to use a thimble either...hope your finger heals fast!

    Wooly hugs, Laurie

  4. Wonderful that you can spend so much time with Trinity. He looks like he's having a great time and love the grin!!
    I never learned to use a thimble. My mother use to really nag me about it since she was a really good quilter and always used one.

  5. Stitchers finger ... ouch ...darn. It's the worst! Trinity is such a handsome little guy, and he sure looks from your posts to be having a great summer. Makes for a happy mom too.

  6. Looks like Trinity has been having fun. Love the pics of him. Beautiful.

    Stitchers finger..ouch...I have a leather thimble that I just love. You just forget you are wearing it. I call it my steel cap. It is broken and I am not a happy stitcher!!!


  7. Trinity is such a cutie - love the serious look while in the arcade. Boys get in another world when it comes to those games!!! LOL


  8. That's one awesome kiddo you have there! Before you know it he'll be driving the tractor.
    I totally understand stitcher's finger wish I could wear a thimble but can't hardly stand them.


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