Monday, September 28, 2009

~*Many Warm Smiles*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Monday... the start of another, sure to be busy, week. Today was a 'catch up day' of sorts with a few errands and a cheeseburger lunch (nope, not on the diet plan ~ but oh well... t'was worth it!). The wind is picking up and it is somewhat cooler because of it, but the sun is shining on us with a great big, warm smile! Homework is finished, Tony is mowing the grass and Trinity is riding his bike and playing with our dear dog, Brownie. Supper will be started soon... but I thought I would take a few pictures to share with you first.

I've got a few projects in the works...

Really... this is only a FEW of them... dolls, cross stitch, and rug hooking. I think the only thing I don't have in the works is a needle punch right now! (there are many projects that are not in the picture... this is only a small sampling!)

Sometimes I think it is a problem... having too many projects going or on the brain... but then other times it is reassuring that I have so many ideas & inspirations. Hummm... what do you think? Am I just crazy?


Here is some FUN before I go find the supper pans...

Trinity wanted me to take a picture of him 'catching some air' on his ramp in the backyard...

Still toothless... but quite the cutie...

I'm not sure who is better at this tug~of~war game... they both enjoy it though...

Well, it is pushing 6pm... guess I'll go rattle a few pans.

Wishing you all many warm & sunny smiles...



  1. I think all the started projects are a sign of creative energy. You must be extremely creative and just have to get it out. I'm like that too. I can't wait to see the little dolls completed. They are so cute already. I love the little pumpkin smile on your little guy. LOL My favorite time to take pictures, although the kids complain it's lame. Giggle

  2. No Betty, I do not think it's crazy, I think it feeds a creative mind. In my world, it keeps the mind from wondering.

  3. You amaze me with what you create, great job! Love those little dolls.
    I just have to add that Trinity is really changing (growing up). Just from the last couple of pictures, I can see him changing. Love to see that!

  4. Not crazy at all my dear! Like you, it seems I have an assortment of projects going at the same time all the time. What I work on during a day can depend on any number of things! Look forward to seeing your completed works!
    Seeing Trinity with his yard-ramp reminds me of when my boys were much younger and rampin' their bikes! Oh how the time has flown!
    Have a GREAT day Betty!!

  5. I think you are so creative......I love the designs. Can't wait to see the finished projects......some days I feel the same way. I opened one of my stash boxes and said, Man, I'm sick! LOL

    But it keeps my mind going and busy. I love creating too!

    Feathers in the Nest

  6. Betty you are such a wonderful upbeat person. I always get a lift from your blog. Trinity is growing so fast and so cute. I love Brownie, dogs are such a joy. Wish I was as creative as you, you really have a flair for so many neat crafts.

  7. Love your bowl of works in progress must mean the creative juices are flowing! Trinity has such a cute smile :)

  8. Love the pics of Trinity and Brownie! Looks like fun.

    I'm soooo behind on blogs. Wish I could visit more often. Jo


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