Monday, September 21, 2009

~*Weekend Fun*~

Good Day Dear Friends! I hope you had a nice weekend with great weather, sunny smiles, and warm hearts! We did!

On Saturday, Tony and I set out to enjoy a day together... kind of a 'date day'. We started by driving to Greenwood, MO. We have been there once before & I was really excited to return! The last time we were there, I TOTALLY feel in love with a shop called Greenwood Mercantile. What was even better, looking at their calendar, they were celebrating their Harvest Fall Bounty Festival. Their festival was mostly a combine Autumn Open House... there were a few crafty booths set up in the yard of one shop, the decor was warm with luscious Fall themed items, and a few shops had apple cider & other yummy baked goods to offer. My favorite shop is still the Mercantile & I am sure I drooled over the wools in Anita White's booth. Of course, I did buy an armful! It was also GREAT to visit Maggie Bonanomi's booth. I really wanted to buy this from Maggie... but, unfortunately it wasn't in the budget...

Don't ya just LOVE Maggie's style? I for one DO! I've got her latest book, Nature's Offerings, pre-ordered... and wish it was here NOW!

A close~up of the center...

After our stroll through Greenwood... we drove back towards home... but stopped in Ottawa, KS to meet up with Robin & Jimmy for a car show. The city was hosting the 23rd Annual Ol' Marias River Run. This was something that was OUT OF THIS WORLD UNREAL! It is, by far, the largest car show I have ever seen! We heard there were over 1700 cars entered in the show!!! We stayed well into the night & we were even able to be there for the 'Back to the '60s Cruise' too! Tony said he had fun in Greenwood, but being at the car show... well, in his exact words... "this is STELLAR!" Doesn't he look happy?

Jimmy has a, really KEWL, '71 Mustang that he entered in the show... (He also owns an SWEET Charger & Robin has an AWESOME old Thunderbird... but they didn't enter those here this year.)

Tony spotted my Aunt & Uncle's car from about 100 feet away! We didn't even realize they would be there. They weren't sitting by the car, but thank goodness for cell phones! We were able to find them & visit for a few minutes... wish it could have been longer. This is their '67 Chevy Chevelle Malibu...

My Uncle JR can't be accused of loosing his marbles... because he GIVES them away! This basket was sitting on top of his radiator...

I tried to snap some fun pics while riding in the cruise...

It was really GREAT fun! Would you believe it took about an hour to make one full loop of the cruise path? The streets are blocked off from other traffic... only the antique, car show cars cruise...

We cruised well into night...

This annual event has been added to our 'must do again' list! The only thing different we will do next year... we have to take Trinity with us! I feel so bad that he missed out. We didn't realize it was such a BIG deal! I tried to explain to him exactly how many cars were there, but it is difficult to explain '1700' to a 7 yr old. Even telling him that there were more cars there than he has in his Hotwheels collection wouldn't register with him! LOL

For the week ahead, I have a 'crafty' week planned. Yesterday I worked on a gift for a friend & hope to have it finished today. But also, I have a sampler in the works (a new release!), a few dollies planned, a rug that needs hooked, and wool wanting dyed... just to name a few things. I hope to stay on track & focused to have lots of finishes to share.

Wishing you warm smiles & a happy week...



  1. Oh Betty, what a great weekend for both you and Tony! Keith and I both agreed...Next year we're going to be at that car show! How wonderful! ((That must have been where all the old cars we met Saturday morning heading out of Topeka were going!!) Now you get busy gal and show us what all your working on. Personal note to follow sometime today. Hugs, Sher

  2. Sounds like you had a great week-end. Good for you, and I am sure you were drooling over Maggies great stuff. I have her new book ordered also, can't wait, love everything she does. Hoping she gets out our way one of these days and it may just happen, but won't be for awhile til I know for sure.
    Those cars were fantastic, a couple of my friends go to car shows and one has a car that he takes to quite a few places.
    Bet the wool was fantastic that you got from Anita. I have seen her wool at Sauder Village and love it.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. I hope you get to enjoy working on your projects this week.


  4. Looks like such a fun time Betty! What a wonderful wknd.

    Love Maggies stitchery..WOW!!!

    You DO have a busy week planned!

    Enjoy your day,

  5. Oh Betty!!! Be still my heart, that Car Show & Cruise looks sooooooo AWESOME!!!! Oh yah... I'm drooling!!! Especially the pics of the cars cruisin' on the streets! We go to car cruises around here... and the best part is always watching them IN MOTION! Soooo dreamy!!! From 1994-1998, my daily driver was a 1966 Belaire! Blue, 4-door. Then, we had (to take to shows) a 1966 Chevelle Malibu! Also same blue and 4-door. Your Aunt & Uncle's Mailbu is a real sweet piece! OK. Gotta stop daydreaming and get your swap package together... LOL!

  6. Hi Betty--
    Greenwood is one of my favorite cities to visit. When I lived at home we would go there often. It was not far from home.
    I've been meaning to ask--what part of Kansas are you from?


  7. that would have been alot of fun cruising around with all those fancy old cars..thanks for sharing.:)

  8. Neat weekend! I love antique car shows so I envy you both the shops AND the car show. : ) Maggie's things are always so stunning!

  9. What a grand weekend you had! Love Greenwood Mercantile and the the picture of the Maggie's handiwork is just awesome.
    Tony looks like he was in heaven at the car show! Glad you all had a wonderful day together!

  10. Wow Betty! What a wonderful weekend! I'm sure everything in Maggie's booth was lovely! I can't wait for her new book to be released.

    Blessings, Patti

  11. Hi, Betty!
    I was in Greenwood Sat too! We didn't get there until the afternoon, but I still found some lovely goodies. Did you eat lunch in the tearoom or the Italian restaurant?
    The car show sounded like alot of fun!

    Sharyn :-)

  12. Oh my! I miss my Mustang now!!!
    Feathers in the Nest


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