Thursday, October 1, 2009

~*Happy October 1st*~

Hello To You Dear Friends... with a joyful 'BOO'!

What a FUN~FILLED day! This picture is of one of the redbuds in our front yard. After school today, Trinity and I made some little (rather prim of course) ghosts to decorate for Halloween. We used some ratty, old pillow cases & sheets (not good to use on the beds anymore)... and made their 'heads' from some hedge balls I found along the roadside. Trinity drew eyes and mouths on with a magic marker & then we hung them in the tree. Interesting... cheap & cute! He had a GREAT time helping with this... and pretending to be really high up in the tree...

Doesn't he look frightened? Well, he was only playing with this expression. I was laying on my back under the tree to take the picture ~ making him look a lot higher than he actually is. In all reality, he is probably only 4 feet off the ground. :)

Playing with the kiddo wasn't all the fun I had today. I also visited with my dear friend, Marianne. We had planned a visit to Heart's Desire for the Market Party... and to sneak a peak of the trunk show they have set up for primitivebettys (yes, that is me). :) The store looked fabulous & is filled with such awesome new charts! If you are in the area... definitely swing by! While there, I had the lovely opportunity to meet a few new, pretty & sweet friends too. (Hi Sherre & Carol!) Marianne took this picture of me standing by my trunk show...

(Can I have any more bags over my shoulder? ha ha ha)

Hey, while I'm talking about Marianne... have you all seen her latest pattern releases. This one is my very FAVORITE! It has been added to my every growing list of 'want to do's'...

It is always nice to spend time with a friend... but to top that off... she treated me to lunch at Panera Bread ~ YUMMY! Thank you Marianne!

That isn't all! When I returned home from Wichita today, there was a huge package on the kitchen table. This was an exchange gift from another very dear friend... Sharon... for an online exchange for our group An American Primitive Gathering (aka USAPRIM on Ebay). Look at this amazing stack of goodies! It barely fits in the frame of the picture!

I just have to show the penny rug closer... It is so BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you, Sharon! You have been so generous! I will treasure it always! I do just LOVE it!!!!

See? It was a lovely day! Happy October 1st to each and everyone of you!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. I love the ghosts. Trinity did a great job!

  2. Betty ~
    Love the pumpkin penny rug!
    Kids just get such joy out of the most ordinary things :)

  3. Love the ghosts that you and Trinity made!! What fun!!
    Looks like you got some great goodies in the mail! Love the penny rug!!

    Take care,

  4. Wow I WANT that rug...and the pumpkin candle too. I love the ghosts, they are so simple but look great!

  5. What "ghostly" fun you and Trinity had! Hope you didn't have to call the fire department to get that Tomcat out of the tree!

    Love your package from Sharon - she does such wonderful work! Lucky you!

  6. Cute, Cute, Cute.
    ???How can I get the pattern for "Welcome Friends?"

    Have agreat evening.


  7. Hi, Betty! It was my pleasure to meet you at the shop yesterday! It truly was a special delight. Your trunk show is awesome. I worked at the shop today and there was much interest in your designs. And I could tell them all what a lovely, talented, sweet lady you are!

    Yes, you did have quite a special day yesterday! I love the ghosts you and Trinity made! They look spooky!

    Thanks again!

  8. It was such a fun day stashing at Heart's Desire and having lunch at Panera's! I always enjoy spending time with you dear friend! Tell Mr Trinity the ghosts are just awesome! What a very cool idea! And what a great box of goodies!

  9. I visited the shop yesterday and really enjoyed the trunk show Betty! I scooped up the Hope pattern. It's so sweet, I can't wait to stitch it! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  10. Love Trinity's expression. The ghosts are too cute. I'm sure he had so much fun doing them with you.
    Sharon did a wonderful job with the penny rug, lucky you!
    Hearts Desire looks like an awesome place. Congrat's on your trunk show. Hope it does well for you.

  11. HI, Betty! As you may have read in Marianne's posts, my friend Janet and I went to Heart's Desire Fri. Loved your trunk show! I got your Live Simply Faith pinkeep. It's really a wonderful design! Was such a treat to see your designs and models all together!

    Sharyn :-)


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