Friday, February 19, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! Well... a week has slipped by and I have not posted. It seems my other 'jobs' in life have been working overtime... Wife, Mom, Housekeeper, and Taxi Driver... and not leaving any time for my Creative Play job. (maybe Taxi Driver is just part of the others?) Each day I tell myself, this will be the day I will pull out my supplies & work up a whirl wind of finishes... but each day slips by with little or none done. This is going to change! It HAS too! I've GOT to find some sort of Time Management routine that will work. I WILL do it! (Wish me luck!)

Anyway... enough of my complaining. This is suppose to be a FUN post! And really it is... 'cause lookie! It is ~*Friday Finishes*~ and there is still LOVE in the air!

Becky stitched these sweets up as gifts for a couple of her friends. What a loving thing to do! She used an opalescent jobelan fabric and #12 Sulky 4030 thread. She says she isn't good with her sewing machine, but I think she did a terrific job. They are truly darling!

(Adding the Sweetheart border to the photo is cute too!)

Jackie has some great finishes to share too. She has stitched up both the ~*Valentine*~ freebie from this year and the ~*Oh Sweet Valentine*~ freebie from last year. (On top of being a full~time Mom, Wife, Homemaker...and all. Hmmmm, maybe I should take some Time Management skills from Jackie? Do you have any to offer?) The color choices she has chosen are very striking ~ don't ya think? I also love the deep staining.

Thanks to you both for sharing your fabulous finishes! I LOVE to see 'em!

Before I sign off, watch later this evening or tomorrow morning as my latest designs will officially be released... ~*Live Laugh Love*~ and ~*Spring's Tweets*~!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. Great finishes! I really like the way the oh sweet valentine was finished into a pillow. Nice fabric! Believe it or not, I was just thinking about your new releases yesterday... wondering... waiting... tapping my fingers... LOL! You know I'm looking forward to stitching them both! :-)

  2. I know just how you feel about the "jobs" we gals have to do. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend hope the weather stays nice.

  3. If you figure out a way to do some time management that works, please let me know! It seems like there are weeks where I get nothing done (like this week), and other weeks I can get lots done. Maybe I need a snow day to keep me home and get me motivated! :)

  4. Hi Betty,
    As usual, so very busy. Thanks for posting projects.
    The one suggestion I can give you and anyone else as far as time management is to use a calendar and break your projects/activity down into more manageable slices. I goal set for the entire month, and of course, I know I probably won't get to everything, (especially when you get a curved ball in your plan, but then that is the reason for a plan) then I slice them again by the week of suspense and things I must get done to include appointments, dropping off a piece for framing.
    Then, I have my daily agenda. It includes all the troubles of the world. LOL. Laundry, vacumn, ironing, etc,etc, and while you are doing these, plug in some opportunity stitching.
    I have used this system in my other life, hee, hee; and it has worked for me.
    Cross things off as you complete. At the end of the month, look back
    at the goals you set for the month and see what you may or may not have accomplished; and here is where you make some change adjustment(s).
    Maybe someone can use it.
    Always, Jackie.


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