Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~*Still Stitching*~

Hello Dear Friends! The stitching continues...

The weather continues to be cold here and we still have snow on the ground... and it appears the ol' groundhog has now predicted another 6 weeks of winter... so... I printed off my ~*May Day*~ freebie and began to dream for Spring!

If you look closely, you can see I actually goofed. I missed counting when I was stitching the urn. Oops! So, because I was too lazy to take it out, I just added another row of stitches. It works!

I'm still working on belated Birthday gifts ~ this will be one of them. However, I'm thinking of replacing the words 'May Day' with a year and/or the initials of the recipient.

This too is stitched on prairie cloth. It is really nice working on a larger weave fabric... for a lil' change & ease on the eyes. I purchased a few yards several years ago online ~ and am happy to have pulled it out of my stash recently to work with. If you haven't tried it, you may want to.

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. I don't remember if I printed this design or not, but I have it now! May Day is lovely.

  2. Hi Betty. Where do you get your prairie cloth and how do you determine the count? Thanks!

  3. I tend to miss my counts too, lol.
    The last one I did came out fine, but I had forgotten to cross two stitches. Luckily I noticed before I finished and sent it out;)


  4. Looks like it will be a beautiful sampler when its done...But what I want to know is where do you get that cross stitch paper that I see behind your project? Susan

  5. We here in Utah will have 6 more weeks of winter too. I hope it will warm up some in the next few weeks though! It's been way cold and I'm so ready for a warm day! LOL
    Your *May Day* looks so nice! I am just learning how to cross stitch on linen! I NEED a light from Jo-Ann’s! LOL. It much harder than I thought it should be....but I am learning! I like the small count aida and that works good, but I really love the way it looks on linen. I had never heard of prairie cloth until today. I will have to try to find some of that and give it a try. Thanks for the charts and the tip.
    Happy Ground hogs Day!

  6. Thanks for the great freebie. Again, you are too generous. Can't wait to start it.....

  7. I'm mad at that dumb groundhog too! LOL! we go by Punxatawny Phil over here... I think it's snowing in PA today... so that might have "something" to do with it! LOL! Sooooooo... what happen to "Mr. Robin"? ;-)

  8. Oh I do love your cross stitch pieces Betty. Maria

  9. Great minds think alike! lol... I just stitched up the floral part to this chart and put it in a small frame!
    Where DO you find prairie cloth? I'm sure the shops/stores around here won't have it!
    Stay warm!

  10. Oh Betty - you are another one I want to know the secret of how you get so much done - and so wonderfully at that! Love your pieces

  11. You do such beautiful work. Stay warm & safe!


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