Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~*A Look In The Greenhouse*~

Hello Dear Friends! I must apologize to you for not posting more often. There really is so much I could share, show, and tell... if only the hours in the day would cooperate. I did get out in the greenhouse today with the camera.

Some glimpses into the greenhouse...

~*Sweet Peas*~

We have only had the greenhouse for a few weeks. To really get a jump on the Spring growing, seeds for our area should have been started in February and March. Next year, things will be started much earlier... at any rate, there is green popping out of the potting soil...

I have started some 'decorating'... slowly collecting my vintage treasures and finding new spots to display them...

This wooden crate has been sitting behind our barn for close to 4 years. I couldn't bare to throw it out, but didn't have a use for it until now. Well, the other day when I went to get it... the bottom dropped out of it ~ completely rotted. However the sides were still fairly sturdy. Hmmmm... I put my creative senses to work! Living on an old farm (even if we aren't farmers), there seems to be lots of scrap metal here and there. We are forever trying to gather it & take it to the recycling center. I happened to find an old, oven rack in all the mess. It was the perfect size for the box bottom. I also found some rusty bailing wire. It was just what I needed to hold the oven rack to the bottom of the box. In the box are many of my various gardening tools. Make~do prim for sure!

Trinity has been playing in the greenhouse too. He started zucchini, watermelon, and carrots. We worked together the other day to move his zucchini. Because we don't have a large garden spot tilled, ready to plant... (again, something to work on for next year)... we decided to plant the starts in an old horse trough that I normally use for flowers. As we were moving the starts, I kept telling him that we were planting too many & explaining there wouldn't be room for them to grow. He kept insisting we put them all in the trough. His comment... "I want to be a good farmer, Mom." :)

(I'll be sure to keep you posted on what becomes of the zucchini... we will see how wild the vines get!)

My stitches are showing influences of Spring too... a little sneak peek...

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Love seeing all the green starts you have and I'm sure Trinity is a big help. Your sneak peak is sure looking nice!

  2. I just love your greenhouse and all its goodies...AND that sneak peak~~~~

  3. What fun to have a greenhouse, and even if goodies were planted late, it's successful that they are popping up! This can be your learning year!

    I love your sneak peek and can't wait to see more!

  4. I love your decorating!! Sounds like you definitely have a future farmer on your hands!

    Love the sneek peek!

  5. Many wishes for a successful growing season, will keep an eye out for the zucchini.
    Blessings for a beautiful day,

  6. It's all coming together so perfectly! The seedlings are off to a running start! That was fast! Love the way you are adding a decorators touch to the greenhouse too! Trinity is going to best the best farmer! ;-)

  7. Lucky you to have a greenhouse! Visit my blog for an Earth Day Giveaway today!

  8. Love your greenhouse! I am jealous that you can get started so early. Snow has just melted enough that I can get the door open on mine and since I use if for storage in the winter I have to clear it out first. Good luck with those zuccini! Love your make do crate! One can never get rid of an old box!

  9. Everything looks so wonderful and so nice to have things started early. I know you will have the greenhouse primmed up in no time;)


  10. You've been moving right along since getting that greenhouse...don't know how you fit so much in to each day...Trinity is awesome...

  11. Makes me want to take of my socks and shoes and go running bearfoot in the grass. You are going to have a fantastic garden.

  12. Love the greenhouse and your watering cans..Happy Planting..


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