Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~*Workin' Wednesday & a Question*~

Hello Dear Friends! Mid~week has rolled around again... and again I'm trying to catch my breath. This past Friday was the last chance I have had to craft on anything... finished the hooking part of my lollipop rug though...

As you can see, it still needs bound. Maybe I'll get to it soon?

Garage sales last weekend were slim~pickin's, but I did get this cute Noah's Ark birdhouse at the Goodwill store for only $5.

I didn't waste any time getting a couple of hooks & a wire on it... and hung it in one of my favorite trees ~ a flowering crab apple in the backyard.

I've been working in the greenhouse & the yard. Last week I bought a bunch of plain, solid concrete blocks to build some simple raised beds on the either side of the greenhouse. My question is... Do you have any suggestions on giving them a quick patina? My Mom suggested painting them with buttermilk, but she has not tried it before. Have any of you? Do you think it will work? Will it be worth the smell of sour milk?

I put in a couple of tomato and pepper plants on one side and have Zinnia seeds planted on the other. Let me tell ya... moving the blocks was hard, but moving wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of dirt was tougher! At least I had a good workout!

We have to cover the tomato and pepper plants at night with large buckets... either that or feed the rabbits.

Seeds inside are sprouting lots of green... getting closer to moving outside.

I had trouble sleeping last night... thoughts of flowers, stitching, hooking, and needlepunching were keeping me awake. I'm inspired!

Wishing you all warm smiles,



  1. The bricks will age on their own, fast enough;)
    The buttermilk might attract unwanted critters.

    I have never had rabbits eat my tomatoes. We grow ours on stakes and the only problem we had was when deer came through and knocked one over.


  2. Wow Betty you have been one busy gal and probably building muscles with working with all the blocks. Everything is looking so nice and just love the flowering crab apple tree and the Noah's Ark looks great hanging from it! :)Ginger

  3. Sew sweet hooked rug -- just love it! The bird house is cute, too!

  4. Hi, Betty: I love your blog!!! I just got a blog of my own and posted your spring design that I made into a super cute pillow. Stop by and let me know what you think. Nancy

  5. I don't have any ideas on how to age them but I would hesitate to use buttermilk unless you want lots of creepy crawlies around.

  6. The hooked rug is very sweet! My goodness you have been working a lot! I have used buttermilk but find it works best in the shade. How about planting some type of vine at the edge to hang over...little vine and dirt will age just about anything quickly.

    You always find the best "finds"...the birdhouse is perfect. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  7. I love your rug Betty! This is something I've always wanted to learn how to do... one day.... I will!

    Linda in VA

  8. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing them with us. Michelle x

  9. Betty your rug turned out beautiful! Where will you be putting it?

  10. Love that birdhouse - cool find!!

    Happy planting,

  11. Love your rug!

    I am like you -- not enough hours in the day between the gardens and other things - not enough sleep at night due to thinking about all I want and need to do!


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