Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello Dear Friends! I just HAD to share this with you. Apparently we are now bee keepers!

This lil' colony has made up their hive~homestead in a knot hole in the side of our barn. Isn't it cool?

I guess if we really wanted to harvest some honey, we could remove the wall on the inside, but since we aren't schooled in the collecting of honey... we will just watch and let them do what they need to to.

Wishing you all warm, honey flavored smiles...



  1. That's pretty careful not to get to close...they bite!

  2. I hope they are not in the barn. We have a bee problem, they nest wherever they can find a hole and it is always around the house. So, they think it is their territory and I have to argue with them if I want to sit on my porch;)


  3. You are almost making like "bees" - as long as they keep their stingers out of me I guess they are okay! Cool pic!

  4. I have such a love hate relationship with bees, I love to look at them, love to see the hives, but HATE to get stung!!! Enjoy them - to me it is such a part of living in the country :)

  5. Very kewl! Honey bees are a good sign. Just be careful when entering the barn as some might be flying around... and they do bite...

  6. Bees are so fascinating, Betty! Enjoy your summer watching them work!

  7. Very cool!! Perhaps you should get a hive and have a beekeeper try and get the queen bee to relocate the bees for you!

  8. Bees do not bite....they sting, when they feel threatened. Catherine has the right idea about finding a Bee Keeper (Apiarist) to find the queen so you can relocate your hive to a safer place. If you relocate you could harvest your own honey, if you wanted to do that. Now,they are between the walls...not good for you. I've seen walls dripping with pounds of honey and bulging from the weight. It's fun in the beginning, and then they cause some damage (but don't realize it),then get killed. Bees are struggling to survive right now. If we can help them find a good place to live, it can be a great relationship for bees and the humans they live near.

    My son is a Bee Keeper and yes, I guess I just stood on my soapbox. But bees are good, we just have to give them the right places so we can both live long, happy lives!

  9. Bee Update... we have contacted the owner of the local apple orchard. He is also a bee keeper. He stopped by yesterday to look at the bees & we were delighted to hear he would happily take them home. Once he gets a few more boxes ready for them, he will be back.

    I'll try to have my camera ready to share that too. :) It is exciting & very interesting! :)


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