Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~*A Crow Finish & Greenhouse Fun*~

Good Morning Dear Friends! Cleaning up my work area was a HUGE POSITIVE for me yesterday! I actually have been able to get something FINISHED! This little pillow was a quick to~do. I started it over the weekend ~ simple & easy. I hooked wool on wool... (This is actually the retreat theme for the online group, AAPG, next weekend. I guess I'm a week ahead of the game!)

Hooking with scraps leftover from other projects, I hooked the crow and the word directly on a piece of old army blanket. Simple as can be! After hooking, I backed the pillow with a fabric scrap from an old grain sack... and filled with with woolly snippets. For an added treat, I pinned a rusty jingle bell for his eye.

I have a vintage garden chair that is riddled with paint. I bought it that way at a garage sale for only a dollar last year. The seat is pretty rusty, so I keep a chair pad on it when it is dry out. The crow pillow adds a little more FUN to the spot. This chair is just outside the greenhouse ~ a nice spot to sit & enjoy the yard.

On the other side of the greenhouse door is this guy...

Isn't he a hoot? I bought him last week at the prim shop. He was one of those HAD~TO~HAVES! I attached him to one of the hedge posts & get a chuckle each time I see him.

The hedge post on the other side of the door is decorated with a beeskeep a friend gave me last year. The kitties? Well, the yellow one is Tommy and the black & white one is Oreo (also called OC ~ as in Oreo Cookie). They are trying to get along. Oreo is new to the homestead... he just showed up a few weeks ago. He is very loving & is trying so hard to get Tommy and Mr. Bean (the white kitty you may have seen in earlier posts) to accept him as one of 'the guys'.

I also dyed some fabric yesterday. It is dry and awaiting another couple of finishes. More to come later...

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I have to comment on your booboo kitties kissing in the garden, my cat Verne is so old I think he forgot how to kiss except me when he wantsme to get up and feed him
    at 3:00 a.m.
    I love the crow pillow with the wool very sweet.

  2. Great job on the crow pillow, Betty! I'm also luvin' that Mr. Crow with his homespun tie guarding your greenhouse! He's just perfect sitting there! The kitties are cute too! When you said "one of the guys"... I pictured the kitties sitting around a round table playing poker! LOL! ;-)

  3. What a sweet little bunchy crow finish! I love O.C. as a cat's name. :D Hope he fits in with the boy soon!

  4. Your pillow came out great, I need to go through my stash, I know I have loose wovens. Love that crow set up, I want one of those, lol.


  5. Betty, just love your pillow, those are fun to do. Your crow on the thingy is neat, I have one on an old shutter and he does make me smile. We must think alike!!

  6. Betty~
    Your little crow pillow turned out great! So what will you do this weekend?

  7. Betty, your Crow pillow is just divine. I love it. Thank you for taking in the stray cat,what a good thing to do. The cats are beautiful.

  8. I love the little crow pillow!! But I WANT that big 'ole crow, he is stunning! Have a good evening.

  9. Love your crow pillow. Looks great in your old chair.

  10. Love your cat in the garden and all the stitchery do. Great blog. LenZie

  11. You sure do work fast... great lil' crow pillow! Got a grin out of seeing the crow posted by your greenhouse. He looks like he's standing guard.
    Glad all the storms stayed away from your place although I know your stormy season is nowhere's near over. Stay safe!!!


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