Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~*Painted Tote*~

Hello Dear Friends! The paint brush was put to use over the last couple of days... and here is my new tote...

I just LOVE it!

I began with a base coat of black... then added a coat of red. After it was good & dry... it was sanded to distress & add age. Notice the handle... I sanded more where it 'would have been picked up over the years'. Because the scrap wood used to build the tote was already stained, there was a nice brown showing through where it was sanded. I did still go over the entire piece with my trusty, brown show polish too though. The shoe polish added more warm brown tone... but also 'waxes' the finish.

Now I have 2 pieces finished that my wonderful hubby built for me... and 2 more to go once I decide what I'm doing with them. Oh, I didn't tell you about both of them yet. You know about the other old door, frame... but Tony also made a wooden, "treasure chest" for me. It out in the garage with the base coat drying as I type.

The wool in the tote? It was purchased from Judy Cripps... aka Rustic Rugs, a couple weeks ago. I have plans to try some wool dying with the lighter wools... once they get soaking. :)

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Betty,
    You did a fabulous job on the tote. It looks worn by time from much use.
    Have fun dyeing your wool!

  2. Beautiful..Love the look..I can't wait to see what you finish next..Have a great week..

  3. OMG! How stunning! I bet you could sell a tonne of these through etsy--I know I'd want one! I don't really like dark wood, but this has such a gorgeous, warm tone--it's great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. looks great!my neighbor just made me one of these as well.have a great night blessings michelle

  5. Great job on the tote, Betty and I love the wool, too!

  6. Looks like it's been passed down through the years. Wonderful job Betty! Can't wait to see the chest.

  7. That looks great Betty. I saw an old one of these at a flea market once and passed it by. Wish I hadn't now. Can't wait to see the treasure box. :o)

  8. Prim perfection there Betty! LOVE IT!!!! I always look forward to seeing what you (and Tony) are creating next! :-)

  9. Great tote for just about anything!
    Super paint job. I like the idea of destressing where it would have been picked up.


  10. Betty...great job on the tote...love the color...
    Have a great day..
    Prim hugs,

  11. Betty ~
    You did a great job distressing the finish on the tote. You ought to be proud of that finish!
    Pug hugs :)

  12. Betty~

    That tote turned out great. I love the color. Have a wonderful evening.


  13. Love how you finished the tote it is an absolute treasure!

  14. Betty, you did a BEAUTIFUL job!!! Thanks for sharing your technique!

  15. You did a super job on that tote. Looks like it has been sitting around for years. Love it!!

  16. Your tote is wonderful. Betty you are so talented!!!

  17. Love Love Love the tote!
    Your hubbie is a talented prim artist!
    Great Job and thanks for sharing!

  18. The tote looks great Betty...especially filled with wool


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