Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~*Sharing Beginnings With Friends*~

Hello Dear Friends! Oh, I just have to share this with you 'cause I think it is so COOL!

My dear bud, Doris, is an awesome needle puncher. She also use to be a rug hooker, but due to allergies with the wool has not been able to enjoy the craft... so she now focuses all her creative talents for her punch work.

No, that isn't what I wanted to share. But this is...

Doris gave her daughter, Carol, most of her rug hooking supplies. Carol works at the Indiana Historical Society. She had never hooked before... but wanted to learn and apparently has friends at the historical society interested in the art as well. Carol took the rug hooking supplies to work with her. Together, the group of talented beginners worked on these rugs. They leave the supplies where they can all just pick up the hook & some wool and literally work on the same rug. It is a 'community' effort. I'm not exactly sure where the patterns have come from... Doris thought they they were drawn up by the new hookers. Personally, I think they are GRAND!! This group of beginners have joined forces to create some really wonderful rugs. The way I understand it, after the rugs are finished, they are gifted to someone else and/or displayed at the society.

WOW, huh?

What a unique way to share the craft with your friends & beginner rug hookers!

Doris, thank you for forwarding the photos & story with me so I could pass it along.

Wishing you all warm smiles,



  1. What a great story and such sharing by those wonderful ladies. Sorry your friend can't play in the wool but all is not lost as long as she can create other beautiful work, so all works out for everyone. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  2. that is so heartwarming and they did a great job on those!

  3. Betty ~
    Be sure to let the ladies know they are doing a fantastic job. That cat with the fiddle rug is wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a great story!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Those are great rugs! I like the idea of everyone working on one rug till finished. That is great.

  5. Wonderful rugs and love the kitty piece.


  6. What a great inspirational story Betty! Wow - very cool!

  7. How fun is that? What a great way to share and spread the love of a great craft. That fiddling kitty is waaaaaay cute!!!

  8. Wow is right! How wonderful the rugs are and the story behind them. Doris does a beautiful job on her pn pieces too!

  9. Thanks Betty for the neat write up. I will forward your blog address to my daughter. They have another one started that I haven't seen. I am so proud of them and so glad all that wool I gave up is being put to use.

  10. Thanks for the write-up Betty! The hearts and flowers one was my idea. The Cat and Fiddle and Egypt were drawn by our very talented Kim. The Fiddler will be a gift to a woman who helped us put the family history together for the 1914 space, a violin shop that was in downtown Indianapolis. The others will probably be placed in the gift shop at the History center.
    BIG thanks to Mom for all the stuff!


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