Sunday, August 29, 2010

~*Grape Jam*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today I decided to try my hand at making Grape Jam. We have lived in this home for four years now... and it seems about time we get some use from the wonderful Concord Grapes that grow in the backyard. One year I did try to make some jam, but it was a bust. The other years, we have given the grapes away for someone else to use them. We were treated in return to a few tasty jars... but with a kiddo that could eat PB&J for every meal if we let him... a larger supply could be used.

So, I started to read up on how to do it and find what was needed. My sweet MIL gave me a Ball Blue Book several years ago. It is so informative! I also found this darling video on You Tube. Plus, this simple recipe on

I was set!

Tony helped along the way... and started by gathering the grapes for me while I gathered pots, pans, and other utensils needed. I quickly discovered he is a smart man! (Well, I already knew that... but he proved it again today.) He said we needed to let the grapes sit in a vat of water before taking them in the house. If we didn't... and I didn't at first... we would have spiders and other bugs in the kitchen. Thankfully I agreed with him soon and the spiders didn't take over!

It took a little time... but grapes were cleaned and plucked from the stem... and sugar was added...

We were able to fill 2-3 pint size jars with the juice of 8 cups of grapes & 6 cups of sugar. We did several batches. Then processed the jars...

Our yield was 12 3/4 jars! We still have more grapes on the vine, but are out of sugar. It seemed a good stopping point. We will give the rest of the grapes away to share the harvest.

Now, keep your fingers crossed for us. I'm always so worried about the processing. I guess though, if the jars don't seal right, we can share them now for immediate use... or have PB&J for the next several meals.

Licking the bowl was pretty tasty!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I don't know if your grapes have seeds but you could take the rest and just make raisins. Just get some old screens and put the grapes on the screen and put them out in the sun and after about a week you will have raisins. I think the hardest thing is taking them off the stem. My folks used to live next to a grape vineyard and that was our fall project, while it is still warm. :)
    Love all of of your posts and your patterns.

  2. Hard to beat homemade grape jam~~~ I can smell your kitchen all the way over here!! Enjoy, Faye

  3. Oh Betty - that sounds divine - homeade grape jelly - sounds like an undertaking but you made it seem easy! Hope the canning went well and you can enjoy long into the winter!

  4. good for you! We canned peach cinnamon jam this year. It was a lot of work, but you will have tasty jam in those winter months!

  5. Mmmmmm... fresh jam! I have been hesitant to can anything due to my fear of not processing the jars correctly too... I guess learnin' is doin', so you're doin' it good! :-)

  6. Sounds wonderful Betty! What a fun project! And tasty too!

  7. Yummy! Lots of work...but oh so satisfying! The raccoons beat me to our vines this year! ~L

  8. That looks yummy, love homemade jelly, but I can't make it with all the sugars. I usually use fruit that stays sweet and just cook it up and eat it that way;)



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