Sunday, August 15, 2010

~*Weekend Works*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your weekend has been good so far. We did finally get a little bit of rain & some cooler temperatures. We were at 6 days in a row of 100 plus heat... and it was doing me in for sure. I am so thankful to see the numbers much lower today. In fact, right now it is a beautiful 73 degrees. Hmmm... maybe I should get away from the computer and head outside?

Well, before I do... I would like to share these with you. Things that kept me busy the past couple of days...

This old washing machine was an auction goody that Tony & I picked up a few weeks ago. The bidding war was on for this too. Another gal & myself really wanted it... but with the encouragement of my sweetheart, I was able to win. We picked up a few mums for it yesterday. I transplanted one of my smaller ferns to fill some of the space too. The washer is sitting in front of our barn. We have a circle drive that wraps around & swings by the barn, so the washer display is a welcoming decoration. A little cheery I think. I do just LOVE the green of the washer bowl! Don't you? I plan to fill it with a small evergreen for Christmas & winter and some bright red geraniums next summer.

I took a slight break from hooking on my pony rug. I plan to get back at it today & as you can see, I don't have too much left to hook on it. It will be nice to take it outside to work under the shade trees today...

The sampler that I stitched for my sister is framed. This frame was a headache in the making. It is a thrift store frame. It was very sturdy, but stark white ~ and enamel-like paint finish too. Because the white paint was so slick & I was too lazy to try to sand it... I sprayed it with an ivory paint. It still wasn't what I wanted. My Mom had given me a tube of Rub & Buff a few years ago. I thought that might do the trick... but it looked too silver then. So, I finally grabbed my shoe polish and went to town on it. This is the finished product. My sister's decorating style is a mix of country 'barn' and shabby chic. Maybe this will fit. I was going to give it to her for her birthday, but am not sure I want to wait until November. It will probably be a 'just because' gift. Emma is my niece's name & the year 1877 is 100 years before my sister's birth year. I like to do things like that with names & dates.

My Mom does have a birthday next weekend. This is her gift. The box is from the box of 'trash to treasure' goodies sent to my by Joanne. (Thank you again Joanne!) I painted the box a deep red, sanded, and shoe polished it. The cross stitch for the top was stitched on prairie cloth... with my Momma's initials. I glued it to the top of the box, trimmed the edge of the box with a little grosgrain ribbon, lined the bottom of the box with an antique music page, re-did the pincushion under the lid with some wool, and made a woolly strawberry (from a Stacy Nash pattern). It doesn't look like the same box anymore. (You can see the before in this post.)...

Well... the nice weather is calling me. Time to head outside for the day.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. OMG Betty I love the washer with the plants. And Christmas time that will be just lovely with the greens!

    Love the piece you did for your sister and your mother! They'll love them.

    Very pretty horse rug! You do make gorgeous rugs.

    Have a fun day!

  2. Lovely finishes Betty, I'd say your headache frame turned out RATHER WELL~love it, your sis is one lucky gal.

  3. Cool beans, Betty! It's all good stuff! I really do like that wash machine! :-)

  4. Love that old washing machine Betty. What a gorgeous color. I'm sure Tony got extra hugs for the encouragement :).
    I really like what you did with the frame for your sister. I'm sure she will love it!
    And wow, what you did with the box Joanne gifted you is beautiful!! Another great sampler stitched. And the strawberry is awesome. I have the one you gifted to me sitting out all the time. I just love it!

  5. Oh Betty - I just knew you would do something wonderful with that box - definitely not the same anymore - so improved! Hey - you know what - Your Mom's initials are MINE too! LOL!

    Love the pic you did for your sister. I hope these girls aren't reading your blog so they are surprised with your presents! they are wonderful treasures and heirlooms.

    love that washing machine too - Can't wait to see the seasons it holds!

  6. enjoy every last moment of this warm weather, it will be cold before you know it! LOVE your auction find.

  7. The washer brings back memories, my mother used a similar one and so did I when first married. Today's washers are more efficient but I love seeing the old ones. The green tub is very grand!! and...looks so fine with the plants in it.

  8. Betty ~
    You have really been busy! I love how the horse rug is coming along.
    Your old washing machine is just a perfect compliment to your barn.
    I'm sure your mom and sister are going to love their gifts.
    Hugs :)

  9. I love that washer. I am glad you won the bid. Your pony rug is coming along nicely. I want to learn how to do that. I love the look. Hopefully, as I get down further on my "to do" list, I can learn something new.

  10. Betty,
    what a fun way to decorate outside. I never find good things, but my husband is the type who wanted to buy a mosaic bird bath, so no happy medium there, lol. Lots of nice new pieces and redo's.


  11. AWESOME way to use the old washer.
    Your horse rug is just gorgeous love the wonderful primitive look it has.
    Your sis and your mom are going to LOVE the wonderful pieces you made for them.

  12. What a delightful post, Betty! My absolute favorite part is the old washer/planter. Love your seasonal ideas--way darling!!!

  13. Oh Betty.......
    The washer is just wonderful! Love the olde green color. You did right by taking that one home.

    The gifts you have made for your sister and mom are really lovely. Is the sampler one of your patterns? (I didn't see it on Etsy) Everytime I peek in to see your patterns - I see, more and more, how your incredible talent keeps evolving. Your handwork is simply beautiful.

    Love the little horse rug! The character of it is darling.

  14. Oh wow! I love that washtub! What a beautiful color too. I am just picturing how you are going to be decorating it for the different holidays and it sounds so wonderful! What a lovely addition to your yard.

    I enjoyed seeing your lovely home made gifts. Those are the best kind, sure to be treasured for years to come. I love the little extra details you add to personalize it even more. That is so very special!


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