Friday, October 1, 2010

~*For the Love of PIE!*~

I'm so excited! Tomorrow is our small town's annual festival ~ Americus Days. The park will be full of folks... enjoying the vendors, car show, kids games, twinkie eating contest, parade, chili cook~off, pie bake~off... and a whole lot of other fun stuff. It is a time for the townsfolk to meet, mix and mingle. It is truly a day to appreciate the joy and friendship that a small town offers. The kiddo is planning on riding his dirt bike in the parade, but before that... we are starting the day off at the school for the pancake breakfast.

Last weekend I went with two of my sweet sister~in~laws to a Taste Of Home cooking show. It was GREAT fun & I learned a bunch! More than learning though... I've gained the confidence to enter the pie bake~off tomorrow! I have never done anything like this... and my cooking skills have always been on the 'desperately trying to learn' level. (I will say though that my baking has always been a little bit better than my everyday cooking... probably because I am a sweets~lover & have baked since I was allowed to use the stove in the family kitchen as a child.)

Because tomorrow is going to be so busy before the bake~off... I've baked my PIES tonight.

One is finished... a sugar pie with fresh pear and blueberries...

And another is in the oven now... my hubby's favorite... peach pie...

I would like to say these are tested~family heirloom recipes... but they are both recent recipe finds. However, I have altered both of them a little bit... and did bake them both earlier this week for my hubby & his co~workers to test. (He only allowed one pie to make it to work though... can you guess which one?) They both recieved rave reviews from my judges. Now to see how they do tomorrow...

Warm sugary~sweet smiles to you all...



  1. My mouth is watering from looking at that absolutely scrumpious pie. Best of luck at the contest....oh it sure does look good :)

  2. They look perfect Betty! Good luck! Oh, and I'll take a slice of each thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness I want that pie - I will be dreaming of that pie. Good luck, not that you need it with that pie. Have fun!

  4. My fingers are crossed for you!
    Have awonderful time tomorrow!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Boy do they look tasty!!! Can't wait to hear how you make out. I love town festivals! Have a great weekend!

  6. YUM!
    They both look delicious.
    I love fruit pies.

  7. have a wonderful time. Saturday is the Annual Apple Festival and we are looking forward to eating some PIE!

  8. MMMmmmm, looks scrumptious Betty! Best of luck at the contest. I always loved baking too but now that I've given up sugar I haven't done any in almost a year.

  9. Both pies look SOOOO good!! Good luck at the contest. Sounds like you will have a wonderful day with family, friends,& neighbors. Enjoy it!


  10. Mmmmmm... I'll have a slice of each please! :-) Good luck to you and enjoy the entire day!

  11. Good luck in the bake-off. I'll be over for dessert later.:o)

  12. Good luck at the contest.
    The pies look absolutely delicious

  13. Did someone say pie? LOL The look delicious! I hope you win 1st place!

  14. Yum! I'll take a slice of the sugar pie with pears and blueberries, please!
    Good luck to you.
    Pug hugs :)

  15. Good luck, Betty! You're crusts look wonderful in color and decorative edging.

  16. nothing like small town festivals !!!!!!!!!!! LOVE them.....and that pie look yummy!!!!!!smiles, Linda

  17. Those pies look so delicious.
    I miss baking pies, but hard to get the type I want without sugar;)


  18. Oh wow, you are really something. I use to make my own pies but now I let Marie Callender do it for me.
    Those pies are both beautiful!


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