Friday, October 15, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello dear Friends! Another Fall Friday has rolled around! The weather here has been wonderful... great for long walks to enjoy the seasonal changes. The leaves on the trees have begun changing, the squirrels have been busy chattering away and gathering their winter bounty, and the evenings have been getting darker sooner ~ for some reason, I really like that. Our supper menu has begun to change to... just this week, we have had hearty chili and comforting chicken and dumplings... just to name a few.

For ~*Friday Finishes*~ there are bunches of wonderful Fall goodies to share...

From Carole, an awesome quilter & crafter... are several dandy ditties! (When you visit her picturetrail, you can see them all in her Fall Offerings album.) Each is so very sweet!

From Ronda (no blog) is an awesome needle punch. I really like the color variation in the Jack's face. It looks wonderfully scrappy & old. Love it!

Ronda shared an invention with me too. You may find this useful & handy as well. I've shared my vintage spool holder and my primly-handmade spool holder with you before, but this is very unique & many of you may have the supplies to build it already in your craft room. Ronda has wrapped her floss around old spools. She then put the spools on knitting needles that have been 'stuck' through the weave of a basket she found at the thrift shop for only .49. Handy indeed!

Thanks to both ladies for stitching, punching, and sharing! Keep up the wonderful crafting!

Wishing you all many warm smiles... I'm headed over to FINISH wallpaper removal at the studio.



  1. What a great idea to hold your thread for punchneedle. I suck at punchneedle myself, but someday I will get the hang of it and I like this idea for holding the thread!

  2. Betty ~
    Wonderful finishes :) There are so many talented people out there!
    Hugs :)

  3. Thanks Betty,,,Have a wonderful weekend..


  4. Very nice finishes. Guess that is my sign to get off the computer and finish my pieces, lol.


  5. Lovely finishes and thanks for the "make do" thread holder idea!

  6. I love seeing all the wonderful handwork you show on friday and throughout the week. The crosstich and needle punch are just beautiful. Its so fun to see the different interpretations of teh same pattern. Thanks Betty and all who contribute they lovely works of art.

  7. Hi Betty,
    Awesome creations!
    Especially love the needle punch pillow.

  8. I always enjoy seeing "Friday Finishes." Great finishes this week!

  9. What lovely finishes! Thank you for sharing these with us! Looking forward to your Christmas Sampler!

  10. Fantastic idea! I will do that with my Pearled Cotton that I embroider with. There is too much floss in a skein to put on a floss holder card. This will work really well. Thank you!

  11. That thread holder is the BEST! I love it when people use their noggin and invent something themselves! Great job! All the finishes are great... I'm going to have to stitch up one of those pumpkins... going to HAVE to! He's just so sweet!

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