Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~*Just One of Those Days*~

Today is just one of those days. Although I've gotten some things accomplished, I'm just feeling that it hasn't been good enough & I'm feeling guilty too. I haven't been sleeping well... and so I took a nap... wake up feeling really quilty! Trinity and I ate supper out last night, so there weren't any leftover for Tony to take to work... so I cooked up a batch of chili and also some stew. (On the plus side... supper for a few days it taken care of!) There was a bowl of ripe bananas sitting on the kitchen table... so I baked two loaves of Banana Bread this morning. The bad part about that... I will eat a lot of the bread myself... even though I sent a loaf to work with Tony to share with his co-workers. Plus... I broke my Grandma Milliken's Banana Nut Bread Rule! She always insisted & up until now I have followed her rule... that the bread be wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated until the next day... BEFORE ANYONE DARE TAKE A SLICE! This makes the bread so much more moist! (Try it if you haven't... you will be impressed! I've been neglecting our house terribly. This morning I did manage to clean some... but a good through and through cleaning is in dire need. I haven't stitched today... but did order the frame for my Christmas sampler. I haven't worked next door today... and know that paint isn't going to take care of itself.

Guess I'm just in one of 'those' moods... I'm not doing enough. Normally I'm an upbeat sorta gal... just today I need some sort of attitude correction I guess. Maybe I should dine on a few slices of that bread now?

Wishing you all warm smiles... and thanks for hearing me out.



  1. Aww - we all have days like that Betty! You do so much normally and even feeling like that today you still cooked and baked up a storm. Allow yourself the same grace you would allow a friend.

    I Hope tomorrow is a better day!! HUGS!!

  2. We all go thru that sometime or another...Being productive is just your normal way of living and you beet yourself up when nothing gets accomplished...Don't be so hard on yourself...Everyone deserves a day off every now and then..
    Take sometime for'll feel so much better afterwards...
    Prim hugs,

  3. Let me get this made stew, chili, banana bread and you feel like you haven't done enough? Sounds like a lot to me! Just sayin.....

  4. Sometimes you just need a lil' something to perk you back up and that banana bread looks like it just might do the trick. Sure didn't know about wrapping it up and refrigerating first...may just have to give it a try if I have the willpower!

  5. Betty... one thing at a time! I can totally relate to how you are feeling right now... yes, we know you can do it all... but remember that each project needs a certain amount of time, and will get done in it's own time! Now... I could sure use a piece of that banana bread with my morning coffee right now! LOL! Hugs to ya'!

  6. I SO know this feeling Betty!!! Why do we do this to ourselves? I always measure myself at days end by what I've gotten accomplished that day...I think it a woman thing, don't you? When I made wedding cakes...a scratch sour cream/buttermilk pound cake recipe I would remove it as soon as it had cooled down a little and dump it out onto plastic wrap, wrap tightly and then wrap in heavy duty foil!!! They were so moist!!!! I hope you're having a great day sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. If on a good day I accomplish as much as you do on a bad day I am happy. Funny thing about housework, remodeling, crafting, whatever - it will wait for you.

    Hope you mentally feel better.


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