Thursday, October 7, 2010

~*My Morning*~

Hello Dear Friends! Some of my time this morning has been spent gathering walnuts...

Lots of walnuts! Three large wheelbarrow loads full... and this isn't anywhere near all of them in the yard. We have several black walnut trees, but only two are in areas we like to keep the lawn mowed. (Not a good idea to run over them when mowing... they shoot out from under the mower like cannon balls!) When we moved here, I had visions of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and rich fudge... all made with walnuts from our own yard. Well, reality struck! I don't have the time to sit & shell walnuts! I do often hear of grandparents shelling walnuts and giving coffee cans full as gifts at Christmas... but I would much rather spend my spare time in the evenings with hook or needle in hand. I'll let the squirrels enjoy our walnuts. I've moved them to a pile near our woods. Easy pickin's for our wild friends!

Some of my time was spent with my buddy... Brownie...

he likes to run through the woods...

but will still stop to pose for a handsome picture...

I enjoyed watching more of Nature... I'm not sure if this guy is eating my pretty yellow rose or the other bugs that prey on it... but I let him be...

I've also been letting my mind wander... and my thoughts excite... thinking about dusting off the cobwebs on this dream and getting back into action!...

Hard work pays off... and I wanna prove it! Tony and I have been tossing around some ideas. We both know that I want and need a studio space. When we first moved here in the Fall of 2006... I had grand visions of making this house, the original farm house, my studio. Many of you may have read about this before. Last Spring we did do some more work inside... but it was all put on hold. Work was stopped because of the root cellar. It has been full of water and has caused some major structural problems... too costly to repair. However, our thoughts now are to tear down half of the building and work with the remaining. The root cellar is only under the older part of the house... the side with the peak facing the front - the side with the star. There is only a crawl space under the other side - which is an addition to the original house. If... scratch that!... WHEN we get this done, I will have 300 square feet, with high ceilings, and bright windows! I'm hoping to get to the lumberyard this weekend to buy a new front door and start demolition of the bad part. Wanna come help?

This wasn't time spent this morning... but I did finish up my hooked, ~*Black Jack*~ rug last night. I'm really pleased with how he finished up... looks nice n' antique. I rarely hook with one solid color, or even one piece of mottled wool. Most of my wool fabrics are in small pieces. I gather a bundle of similar shades, cut them on my cutter, and throw them into a basket. Then, as I'm hooking, just grab and work this whatever comes out of the basket. You can see variations of wools & textures in the blacks & oranges in this rug. To me, that makes it looks antique. Do you agree?

There is more yard work calling... I best be getting back to work.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. OK! I'm pretty handy with a sledge hammer! ;-) The jack looks wonderful! And that Brownie sure is a handsome pup! Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Jack looks wonderfully old! Cool! Wow Betty - all the wheelbarrow loads and demo'ing - you are going to be able to try out for Miss Universe with those muscles - and she bakes too!

  3. Love the photography! Hope you put all those walnuts to good use.

  4. Love the photography! Hope you put all those walnuts to good use.

  5. We had black walnut trees in our back yard when we lived in South Carolina. And we had lots of squirrels. The walnuts were sure messy.

  6. We have walnuts galore also this year. Luckily most of them came down in about 2 days because of strong winds. We picked up 3 loads in the back of our Gator. I said the squirrels back in the woods were gonna think they died and went to heaven when they see that pile. I always envision the people who planted these crazy trees looking down from heaven and lauging at us while we are picking them up.

    Loving Brownie....what a sweetie. Have a great weekend.

  7. Okay, I'll help. I'll keep Brownie occupied so you can concentrate on restoration. I can paint too.

  8. You should be proud of Black Jack. It's a beautiful and very prim looking rug.
    Good luck on your studio.

  9. Wonderful way to spend the morning and beautiful photos. I would not know they are walnuts, lol.
    Your jacks came out so nice and prim.


  10. Those lil' squirrels are going to be fat as can be without having to work for those walnuts!
    Brownie looks like a great companion to have as you work outdoors.
    Sure wish I lived closer I would be there in a heartbeat to help you with that studio!!

  11. I hear wonderful things about black walnut dye/stain for linen and fibers! Bet if you sacked up some they's sell like blackwalnut hotcakes... It's the husks that create the dye, and I imagine they weigh less for shipping.


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