Sunday, October 10, 2010

~*Studio Update*~

I thought it would be nice for you to see... and to keep me motivated despite sore muscles... to show progress as it moves along on the studio.

Yesterday, I made a quick trip in to Topeka to visit Lowe's. They were having a Columbus Day sale on their replacement windows and doors... so I ordered three windows and bought a new door. I didn't stay there long though... because there was work calling.

This was probably nice in it's day... but has to go now...

The afternoon yesterday, and most of the day today, was spent scrapping wallpaper. This was this morning...

I had a little help - that is, when he wasn't singing & dancing to the radio...

And here is how it looked at quitting time tonight...

ahhhhh... nice, nine foot ceilings...

Here is how the other room looks right now... we worked on wallpaper in there last Spring...

We stopped a few times to take in the history of the house. Someone had used newspaper when patching the plaster... many years ago - I'm assuming - because the house has been vacant for at least 20 years. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a date on the paper. I could tell it was the Topeka, KS paper though because of the real estate listed. Since I grew up there, I was very familiar with the addresses list.

Tomorrow I'll be up on the ladder working on the upper walls & ceiling. Why-0-why are the ceilings papered?

Wishing you all warm smiles,



  1. Papered ceilings?? OH NOOOO!!!

    I could have used your little helper when I painted the living room this summer.

  2. Oh, girl, you have your work cut out for you. We had a 1920's home with 3 layers of paper on the walls. I feel your pain! How nice though to have a helper with rhythm.

  3. Well Done!
    I take it you will paint the ceilings, what a big job. We bought an old house and renovated. Obviously the old heater had smoked a bit as our walls were brown and even after washing took 5coats of paint to get them white.
    It 'll be lovely when it's finished, just keep that in mind.

  4. Betty ~
    What a lot of work you have done and so much still left to go, but how exciting to know that all your hard work will pay off and you will have your very own studio. Woo hoo! Lucky you. I look forward to seeing the work in progress.
    Hugs :)

  5. Hey Betty,
    Looks like progress!
    I know you will make it look awesome! and how nice to have a place of your own!

    Keep it up and keep us filled in on the progress.

  6. Looks like a lot of hard work but you are making a dent especially with your Project Manager! Cool finding the newspapers and dates

  7. Oh meant to mention too - the papered ceilings - I don't get it either but that's how it was in our old houses we rented before we bought! Unnecessary in my opinion unless no one liked the "old plaster"

  8. Oh Betty, what a job for you! Dancing and singing, you've got entertainment and an extra pair of hands for as much or as little as he can do. It's help! ;).
    My bedroom ceilings in NJ were papered. What a neck breaker that was to take off. I feel your pain!

  9. All your hard work will pay off and you will have yourself one wonderful studio. Hope the ceiling paper comes off a bit easier.

  10. Well first thing you have going is that awesome helper! I know that all that hard elbow grease is gonna pay off big with one beauty of a studio! Keep us updated on the progress.

  11. I admire your determination! :-) Geeeeez, that's a lot of work! On the ceiling? That is a first for me!

  12. That does not look like fun, lots of work.
    But it will all be worth it when you finish and have your own space.


  13. Oh girl, how I do NOT envy you....getting off all that old wallpaper is a CHORE! Maybe you could go REALLY prim and now just put a sealer over might have a totally prim/anthropologie look to it then....just an idea. At least you had a helper.

  14. Wallpaper on the ceiling? I thought the paper in our entry closet was bad (along with the "lovely" rustic paneling inside the closet, too) Just do a section at a time so that you can feel like you've accomplished something! Can't wait to see more photos as the work progresses!

  15. Aye yie yie! That is HARD WORK! Yes! Why is the ceiling papered!Nice helper you have there!

  16. My Aunt Mary cut out and ran the wallpaper morning glories up onto the ceiling in their bedrooms. Maybe she just cut out narrow strips for them. LOL I remember as a young girl, I thought it was the most beautiful bedroom imaginable! They lived in Protection KS. But a couple of other states mentioned it too. So guess it isn't just a KS thing.

    This is one of those times when it will pay to think about the goal not the process. (Like labor for childbirth)♥

  17. You be careful up on that ladder! Ahhh don't you just love old wallpaper? It will be Great when you're finished though.
    Your young-in' is growing up fast!
    Take care,

  18. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! What a job!! When we paid a woman to remove paper from our stairway she used a spray bottle and just warm water. What a terrible job!! She got off every inch from our 80 yr old house and some of it original. I remember my grandmothers house having the ceilings papered with white paper with silver stars in it. When I was young I thought that neat.......


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