Friday, December 10, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

TGIF Dear Friends! Wanna see some ~*Friday Finishes*~? Oh.... I know you do~ So let me share!

Carole has been a busy girl! She made up a batch of ~*Symple Herb Filled Sheep*~ (pattern available in my Etsy shoppe or your LNS). She has decorated her prim tree so sweetly with them! Lookie!

I do just love these little sheep. I have filled mine with whole allspice berries and cloves. Carole didn't mention how she filled hers... but they are darling just the same.

She also stitched up the ~*Simplify*~ freebie... choosing a lovely combination of flosses in reds, browns and olde golds...

Thank you for stitching and sharing Carole! :)

I can share some of my finishes now too. These were gifts and I didn't want to share them before the new owners received them. Here they are...

prim needle cases from the ~*Simplify*~ and ~*Crow*~ freebies...

on the inside...

prim cat rug...because I am a totally self~taught hooker... finished up very antique looking... Don't ya think?

The pattern for this rug was donated by our group buddy, Deirdre theoldrosecottage on Ebay, for our AAPG Christmas exchange. She actually donated two patterns. We were to pick one to make (hooked, punched, applique... or however we wanted) for our swap partner.

I tried a new technique on this one with the candy cane...

I'm not sure what the technique is called, but each loop of the cane is pulled by switching back and forth from red to white. Maybe one of you can fill me in? Maybe I didn't do it right... but it worked. The rug is small and won't be on the floor... I'm thinking the new owner will probably tack it to the wall or set it on a table because of its size.

Here is a view from the back of the rug...

Looks like we are going to be expecting some colder weather here for the weekend. Maybe that will mean I can hook & stitch the weekend away. Sometime during the weekend though... we need to find Santa. I think there is a little guy in the house that wants to give him a wish list!

Wishing you all warm smiles... happy crafting!



  1. Betty everything looks awesome, I love your hooked mat, that technique you did is called beading and I think you did a terrific job at it!!!

  2. Hi Betty - love your finishes!! Your kitty and candy cane are just wonderful and oh-so-prim looking! The technique you used for the candy cane is called beading - I love it and try to find a spot to use it in as many hooked pieces as I can. sandi in texas

  3. Thanks for the info girls! Beading... I'll remember that! :)

  4. Your Friday finishes are great Betty! I loved doing the punch needle sheep :).
    And your beading is beautiful! Nice work~~

  5. Love the sheep, I have some that kelly made me.
    Love how you did that candy cane, neat look.


  6. Hi Betty,
    I used a little bit of polyfil along with the whole cloves in my sheep. I was also going to put a dab of black paint on the tips of the sticks for the hooves; maybe I will still get that done.
    And thanks for the wonderful 'freebie' patterns. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Carole

  7. The sheep are sooooo cute! I am going to check them out on Etsy. Do you have a tutorial on how to make the pin keeps - they are wonderful - I am very sewing challenged with needle and thread or sewing machine but I would love to turn my cross stitch into a pin keep! Love your blog!

  8. A little black on the feet would be awesome! I'll have to remember that for the next batch I make! Thanks Carole!

    A tutorial for the pinkeeps? That sounds like fun! Keep an eye out!

  9. Betty ~
    The sheep are too cute!
    What a small world. The sampler I made into a pin keep for my give-away is the same sampler Carole has framed sitting next to her tree :)
    Love the beading technique. I have not tried that yet.
    A tutorial would be wonderful!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Carole's Simplify framed piece is stunning. I love her color choices. Betty, those needlebooks are super! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh so cute!! I love the sheep, great idea to stuff them with sweet smelling spices.
    Love the kitty too. Nice to learn about beading.

  12. Love the colors in the kitty rug, betty, they are so old looking!
    Wonderful :)

  13. OMG! I want that sheep cat rug!!! I'll have to find out who got it, and then pay them a "visit"... lol! ;-) Carole did an awesome job on the sheep and simplify! Love that prim little tree too!

  14. Hi Betty,

    I just love your hooked are so talented! I adore the sheep that Carole made, and I imagine they smell heavenly.


  15. love the finishes! your sheep pattern is one of my favs...

    I tried the beading technique on my swap gift too...your candy cane turned out great...

  16. Oh your kitty rug is wonderful, perfect colors and the design is so it available somewhere?

  17. Thank you Karen & thank you all! :)

    I'm not sure the design is for sale, or if Deirdre sells her patterns. This design, along with another, were donated by her to use strictly for our group exchange. Both designs are just adorable!


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