Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~*Hey Peacock Fans*~

Hello Dear Friends! I received a sweet email tonight from a new friend, Jeannie of Appleseed Prim. She kindly told me how much she enjoyed my blog (Thank you Jeannie!)... and how she was so thankful that I have shared so many freebies (You are most welcome!). She has just started a blog and asked that I mention her here so she could get a little traffic at her new spot... PLUS... she too has a freebie pattern to share. Now... I know there are lots of you that just LOVE peacocks... so I'm helping Jeannie spread the word for her new blog and sharing the link so the rest of y'all can swing on over to get this sweet pattern... Enjoy!

Jeannie, welcome to Blogland and thank you so much for the sweet pattern!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Thanks Betty...not only for leading us to another wonderful looking blog, but for all of your designs! And yes, the freebies are an added plus!

  2. Thanks can't follow too many blogs!

  3. thanks!!! i agree with Jeanie i love your blog and your freebies. if i can get the kids to help me i'll e-mail a couple of "friday finishes". denises

  4. Thanks for the link Betty,,,hope all is well..!! I'm going over to visit JEanie..


  5. Betty ~
    I, too, want to thank you for all your freebies and I'll drop over to her blog and say hi.
    Hugs :)

  6. Thanks, Betty, for directing us to a new prim blog!

  7. Oh boy...I will be adding her to my favorites :) Thanks for sharing the link.

    I have made a couple of your patterns...I will be taking pics and sending them your way. I have been really enjoying stitching but have found no one in my area enjoys them like I.


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