Monday, December 20, 2010

~*Where I Create*~

Hello Dear Friends! It isn't 100% finished... and really there is a lot left to do... but I'm using it! Here is my new space...

Tony said there was no way I was going to fit all my furniture pieces in there, but so far I have. One room is full up... and one room is still empty.

I am reminded though... "A place for everything and everything in its place."

I've got a mish~mash of furniture... but I don't mind. It all works for me!

Here are a few of my favorite things... a sign given to me by Joanne (on the top) and another made for my by my little brother, Kelly.

Wanna see my wool? Here it is all clean and sort of organized... it is setting on a shelf that was in our basement when we moved. I slapped some green paint on the shelf long ago & have used the heck out of it...

The basket sitting up on top on the left is an heirloom. My Mom gave it to me long ago. She and my Dad bought it shortly after they were married. She told me it was the first antique she ever bought.

This old desk is probably my most cherished piece of furniture...

It may not look like much now... because it has been through a lot in all its years... including a house fire. The desk has a broken drawer (that I do still have) and the part that closes up, sadly, is now missing... but this old desk once belonged to my Great Grandma 'Gram'. You may remember me mentioning her before. She has been the inspiration for many of my cross stitch pieces. One day I hope to have this desk restored... but will have to safe lots of pennies and find someone I trust to do it right. Until then... I'm going to use it. I plan to use it as my computer desk once we get the cable run to the studio.

The other room is bare except for my bookshelf of craft books...

I do have furniture to go in here, but need to get it painted first. I have a table & an old buffet purchased from an auction awhile back. I plan to paint them black... and distress them of course. Once done, they will soon have a home in this room.

The princesses are really comfy. Ima is still skid-dish (you can see her above checking out the desk ~ she seems to like the smell of Pledge.), but Katie totally loves affection... and this chair!

Well, I better get back over there. I'm working on finishing a couple small mats for the update on January 1st.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. How exciting for you Betty - you certainly have put in some hard work and it shows! Love it - looks like a wonderful place to create!

  2. Beautiful! Nothing like some cats to class up a place. ;)

    That's so cute that she likes the pledge; her markings are beautiful!

  3. I bet you are so happy to be moved in and have lots of room to work!
    Merry Christmas!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. I love your gram's desk. It looks beautiful to me, and bumps and bruises just add to its character. You have a wonderful space to create.

  5. I am so happy for you Betty and excited for you too. All that hard work and now you can enjoy your own space. Have fun creating.
    Hugs and smiles,

  6. It looks wonderful!! I love that old desk. It looks like the perfect place to create.

  7. Well worth the wait...awesome space, congrats,,enjoy, create!


  8. That's a Happy Dance sort of place to create in...looks wonderful!!!

    Love your companions too...

  9. How very wonderful Betty!! What a great place to be able to create!! Thanks so much for sharing it! It makes me want to get my creating places in order!!
    Wishing you a most Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and creative New Year!!


  10. Betty, how perfect, you will be creating on overload with that wonderful place. Lucky you.

  11. Oh Betty how charming, such a thrill to have it completed and oh so beautiful. I love your furnishings, they are perfect for your studio!

  12. ***squeal***
    I love it when one us gets the space they need to work!!!!!!
    It looks fabulous and I call it eclectic---a pleasant combination of things that are useful and bring us pleasant memories!

  13. I love the old desk, it is charming.
    You put me to shame, you wool is color coordinated. Mine right now is stuffed in the bottom of my cabinet and the doors shut.
    Your creating space is great, how nice for you after all that hard work.

    Merry Christmas

  14. The new place looks so wonderful and it is fun to decorate it just the way you want.


  15. Betty it's amazing, and you and Tony should be so proud of yourselves! Love how you are using the spaces. I can just imagine what 2011 will bring from the creativity that you get out there!

  16. It looks great, Betty ~ you're on way! Won't it be wonderful to have your very own studio!!! Merry Christmas!! I'm working on your TONY pattern ~ will send a photo when he's done!!!

  17. Wow Betty - I know your creativity will be able to flourish in your new work space - it looks so big and organized! Congrats on getting it done!

  18. Love your creative place Betty!! I would love to have my own space to create. You did a wonderful job!


  19. What a beautiful place to spend time creating all the wonderful things you create, Betty!!! Congratulations!!

  20. What a cozy place to work! It's beautiful!! This is exactly what you needed. A space all your own to create
    your wonderful designs and crafts! The cats are probably excited to have your company!! And the comfy chair!!

    Happy Holidays!

  21. Betty, I love your new studio! You must be so excited to have it done and to be able to start creating in it. I love your desk and I don't blame you for waiting to find the right person to work on it. Have fun creating and I look forward to seeing what all you come up with in your new inspirational studio. Congrats!!

  22. Your new work space is wonderful, I know you will enjoy it so much as will the kitties.

    Finally had some time to read and enjoy your Laundry Mat entry - loved it!!!

    Merry Christmas

  23. How great it all looks. I'm so happy for you! All your hard work has certainly made for a beautiful place to create.

  24. Oh Betty!!! So warm and cozy and beautifully wonderful! You done good... REAL GOOD! You've got to be smiling so big every time you spend some time creating in your new space! Enjoy!!!!

  25. It looks great Betty!
    It looks like you have a lot of sunlight in there too.
    Great job.

  26. Betty ~
    Your studio is wonderful! I love the desk just the way it is. You don't want it to look perfect!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Hugs :)

  27. Ahhhhhhh Betty. It looks like "HOME" to me. What a great spot to craft away the hours!!!!!
    Having pieces from your family, and their past, is simply a plus.
    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  28. Wow! Talk about a Merry Christmas to me!! lol SO happy for you Betty! Enjoy!

  29. One of my favorite sayings... "A place for everything and everything in its place." haha!

    Looking good, girl! I love the picture of the green shelf with all the beautiful wools.

    How wonderful for you to own such a delightful piece from your Gram! I can see why it's one of your most treasured pieces, it is very nice.

    My winter project is my craft area so I'm glad you posted yours for me to peek into, thank you!

    Have a warm and wonderful Christmas~


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