Sunday, December 26, 2010

~*Winding Down*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your Christmas was blessed with family, friends, and all things happy. Ours most certainly was! Now things are winding down... the kiddo is playing with his new toys and the hubby is too... so I'm going to enjoy a comfy spot on the sofa with my Peppermint tea...

and some linen & threads...

I pray that those of you on the east coast, in the midst of the big blizzard, are staying safe and warm. And for those of you on the west coast... I pray the flooding and down pours come to an end soon... and please stay safe too.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. hope you are staying warm and dry. it's rather cold and windy here in central fl. today. denise

  2. Quiet time is good!

    Happy New Year to You!!!!


  3. Hiya Betty.. tis nice to enjoy a bit of quiet time.. I am enjoying the snow at the moment.. we are in Richmond Kentucky.. visiting our son for Christmas, and here till the end of January.. we arrived from Perth, Australia (where it was 110 F) just as the cold snap arrived..LOL
    What a beautiful sight..snow falling on Christmas day :)
    Stay warm & safe xxx Tea (Primitive Thymes)

  4. Nothing like a blizzard to enjoy the day inside working on a project.


  5. Looks like you have the perfect idea for winding down....tea and stitching!


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