Monday, February 28, 2011

~*Lenexa Hook~In Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! Oh... goodness... the hook~in was so much fun! I had hoped to post about it yesterday, but I needed the whole day to rest after all the excitement! Now, I'll show you some pics I took... but I want to direct you to another blog that has much, much, much better pics than I took... Amy's Dusty Trail.

The day started EARLY! I already wasn't sleeping because of all the anticipation of the day... so I rolled out of bed shortly after 4am. My sweet SIL, Robin, picked me up at 6... then we went on to meet up with my good buddy Sher and her family. Her husband was so kind to drive us the rest of the way. (thank you Keith!) We were worried about the weather and did have to deal with some ice in the KC area, but for the most part, teh weather was alright. We arrived at the Lenexa Community Center just after 8... and were pretty close to being first in line! I think secretly, that was our goal! lol

We quickly found our other friends... and meet up with several that we only get to see each year at the hook~in... always a great JOY! When the doors opened, I lost Robin, Sher, and my other pals... we all separated to shop I guess... but we did spend the day chatting, giggling, smiling, and crafting together.

Robin & Sher... I think they were talking about the new Oxford Punch Needles that they both bought...

Sher, Ginger, Robin, Reggie (with the lavender top), and PatiJane in the bottom corner... she was cross stitching. She wanted me to show her how to stitch on linen... and she picked it up like a pro... spending a great deal of the afternoon stitching...

Sandra & Chelle... I didn't get a picture of you... but I'll bet there will be one on Ginger's blog soon... with more hook-in pics too.

Robin gave us all a sweet package with wonderful lil' goodies. Here is mine...

A needlepunch~topped stone box... with a CUTE sheep... earrings, a needle threader, a needlepunch threader with beautiful beads, a cranberry candle... and on the package tie was a darling hang tag made by my bud, Doris! Thank you Robin! :)

Ginger also gave more gifts on Saturday... a lovely piece of wool and a crocheted dish cloth. I didn't get a photo... and am already using the dish cloth. Thank you Ginger!

Before I post pics of the rugs... here is Maggie Bonanomi. She was there with her books. She is always wonderful to see! I didn't buy a book from her on Saturday because I already have all 4 she has published... and I should have taken at least one to have signed...but didn't. I did ask her when the next one would be out... she said it may be out in September! Goodie!!

Rug show pics... I'm sorry, but I didn't note hooker or designer names...and this isn't even all the rugs there...

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. Oh Betty - looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing all the pics and also the previous ones of your visit wtih Miss Ginger and Patijane! More fun than a girl can take in a week I bet!

  2. Thanks for sharing these fun photos of the hook-in.

  3. Glad you had such fun at the hook-in -- Such beautiful rugs -- I wish I knew how to do it! It looks like a fun way to spend the day with kindred spirits!!
    Have a happy day!

  4. wow how beautiful all that work. Thank you so much for sharing it here. Some of those pieces would look good in here...

  5. It's a long way from Ohio, but I would love attend some time! Thanks for the great photos!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG! A red fox!! I am just batty for those guys! :D
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great rugs, Thanks for showing them to us.
    Sounds like you all had a good time.
    I love Maggie B.

  9. What FUN!! Looked like a fantastic day, and so happy Keith got you there safely..
    Wonderful rug show. thanks so much for the pictures. Will check out the other blogs too. I could look at them over and over again. So happy you all had a wonderful time. And what sweet gifts you received!

  10. It looks like a wonderful time and so much eye candy! Loved seeing the picture of Maggie!

  11. What a wonderful show and some really detailed and beautiful pieces.
    I would have loved to see Maggie's booth.


  12. Boy did we ever have a great time. Loved visiting with you and the other gals. It was an awesome day just wish it would happen more often.


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