Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~*Winter Cheer Swap*~

Hello Dear Friends! In yesterday's mail was a box full of delightfully, CHEERFUL goodies from my buddy Mimi! Our prim, online group, AAPG, hosted a ~*Winter Cheer Swap*~. With the creative guidance of our fearless leader, Kelley... and some truly awesome pattern doodles by Rebecca we were to share some simple, ~*Winter Cheer*~. Mimi did just that!

Here are all the wonderful treasures from my box...

Rebecca gave us several doodles to work from. Mimi used two of them to create this stunning rug & super,sweet penny mat...

Thank you so much Mimi! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!

They sure did spark a great sense of ~*Winter Cheer*~! In fact, I am ready to pull out my Spring decorations... and brighten up the house & the studio! My plans for today (and probably the rest of the week) are to take advantage of the warmer temps... to clean & decorate to my heart's content! By Thursday we should be enjoying low 70s outside! This morning, however, it is still a little cool. Next door at the studio when I was taking pictures to share with you...

just a little too cool...

But I've turned on the electric fireplace and have it warming up. Doesn't the penny mat fit perfectly on the fireplace?

I'm not sure it will stay there. At the store the other day, I picked up a few fake Spring, blooms to set out & make up some wreaths. Plus, as a Valentine's gift from my loving husband... a few new bell jars. So with all the new treasures... it will be great fun to get some decorating done. I'll share more pictures soon.


Here are the hand~mades I sent for the ~*Winter Cheer*~ swap. My gift went to Chelle. I made her a penny mat adapted from a Maggie Bonanomi pattern. The pattern was in her awesome book Comfort Zone. Maggie had a 2nd layer of tongues on hers. I can't really explain why I only added one layer... maybe I was just lazy. I was very pleased with the finish though... and may have to make a second one for myself!

I also made her a needlepunched pillow tuck using one of Rebecca's doodles...

The doodles Rebecca provided were just so super SWEET! Thank you Rebecca!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Wonderful goodies from Mimi - what a winter cheer for sure! Looks happy on that fireplace!

  2. What a great swap! It does make you ready for flower decorating to have the warmer temps. We won't see 70, but I'll take the 40s we'll get! All the doodle projects came out wonderfully!

  3. What great treasures. Have fun decorating!

  4. Mimi sent you some lovely treasures. It's always fun getting a cheery package in the mail. See ya soon!

  5. Hi Lady, Love your flair and the wonderful projects. Len

  6. Love the things you received. Sometime I hope to try a swap...the anticipation of opening the package would be too much.....

  7. Everything is beautiful!!! I sure would love doing a swap like that in the future.


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