Monday, April 11, 2011

~*New Monthly Hooking Group*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today was our 3rd gathering... and I just cannot be more thrilled! A few month ago, I was asked to teach a small group Beginning Rug Hooking... at our local quilt shoppe. At that class, we discussed meeting on a regular basis. Linda, sister of the quilt shoppe owner & organizer of the class, has made it possible. The quilt shoppe is closed on Monday & it has worked out that we can all meet once a month. We have also discussed meeting here at my studio, but there is much more room in the classroom at the quilt shop.

The girls are really getting 'HOOKED' on hooking too!

Linda has a new primitive hook from Aults and has also acquired a new frame. She says she really enjoys working on her hooking while watching (or listening to) the TV at night. She is on her second piece. She didn't bring the first one to the group today... but here is her current project. It will be a footstool cover when completed. She just started hooking on this one during class...She kept calling it her "flying bunny"...

Debbie is almost finished with the hooking on her class project. She had originally planned on making it larger with various colors of blocks around the heart, but was having trouble working in the hoop to do this. She has decided to make it smaller now. Today she was working on making it more straight to even it out. She does already have plans for her next project, but doesn't want to start until she has this one finished...

Trish is moving right along with her class project too... but she doesn't find much time to work on it outside of our get~togethers... she is an avid quilter & quilts keep her rather busy...

Jerilynn is almost finished with her first project too... her ear of corn. She too has plans for her next piece... a cool crow that she plans to hook in black & purple...

It is really cool to see the projects progress. Each has a great sense of color and design.

I drew up this rug last night & very quickly color planned it so I would have something new to work on during our get~together. We only met from 8:30~11:30 and I did talk while we worked... but even I was amazed with how much I was able to get done on it during our time together. I pulled my first loop in the rug there & did all this during our three hours...I'm pleased with how it is coming along...
I'm hooking this one with some FAT 8.5 cut worms.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Everyone is coming right along! What fun to have three nice hours of hooking!

  2. Betty ~
    What fun! Sure wish I could join you.
    Hugs :)

  3. How nice to see the new hookers and their projects - see you were a great teacher - they all came back and are keeping up with it! Way to go!

  4. I have always wanted to meet with some gals and learn how to hook...these look absolutely wonderful!! Everyone is doing such a great job! Janice

  5. thanks for thee update. Nice to see them doing so well. They must have a good teacher!!

  6. Looks like a good group! I love flying bunnies - hehe. Thanks for sharing - SUE

  7. I'm so glad you have a local hooking group! Looks like everyone is doing a wonderful job on their rugs. You sure accomplished a lot in just a few hours!

  8. How nice!! I would love to be near a group that I could get together with!!

  9. Looks like your class is coming right along! That's GREAT!


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