Monday, April 18, 2011

~*Spring Time Goodies*~

Hello Dear Friends! Happy Spring! I thought I would share some of our surroundings with you...

Tommy sitting in the poppies... just enjoying the sunny day...
Brownie resting after chasing the rabbits most of the morning...
When Tommy isn't just relaxing... he is picking on OC... poor OC... he is scared he is going to be clobbered any second. He is timidly walking away from Tommy...
Tony was working on greenhouse repairs over the weekend. The Kansas winds have really done a number on it. Tony is putting up a new door on it and has plans to replace many of the panels with wood. I'm thinking it is going to be more of a 'potting shed-greenhouse' when it is complete... and I am happy as pie about that!
We have bees again this year! This time they aren't in our barn walls though... they are in a hollow trunk in our woods...
I've spotted many beautiful butterflies the last few days. This afternoon I was lucky and was able to snap a picture of one.
The lilacs are blooming beautifully...

Hosta are opening their big leaves...

The phlox are lookin' pretty too...
I can't remember what these blue blooms are called... but I'm still likin' how they are lookin...

And all our Redbud trees are just magnificent right now...

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. As your photos show, this has been a lovely spring! Happy Week! Joy

  2. Isn't it wonderful to get outside again and enjoy all of nature's beauties.


  3. You can't remember what the blue flowers are because they are "Forget me Nots"! ;-) I love all of your springy pictures--and your greenhouse will be great as a potting shed.

  4. so nice to see spring, i kinda forgot what it looked like:) here in michigan we received a few inches of snow last night! thanks for the beautiful pics.

  5. Beautiful pictures of your place....loved seeing all the wonderful colors. It is still brown here :( Your beeskep turned out very nice!

  6. I was laughing at the Forget Me Nots too! :-) Love those lilacs! I had to cut mine down because Bob was allergic to them... they were right outside the window and would scent up the whole inside of the house! Ahhhhhhh Spring! Happy dance!

  7. So pretty! Spring just makes your heart sing!!

  8. Pretty Pictures Betty !!! I tried to take a picture of a butterfly the other day, They are so fast!!! lol

  9. Loved looking at all of the Spring flowers. I think mine died from the snow we got here in Michigan like Cindy said..only ours came this morning. I use to have a yellow lilac until the bunnies ate it to the bare wood, and then my son chopped it down with the lawn mower many years ago. LOL. Janice

  10. Spring has Sprung in Kansas - thanks for sharing - it looks so relaxing and wonderful - I wanted to run over and sit next to Brownie and the kitties with a cup of tea!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful photos Betty!! I love the lilacs so!! I'm about to give up hope I will ever see them in person again, tho - we got hit with snow AGAIN! Bah humbug! Thanks for sharing your spring! (Poor, poor OC!) Smiles ~ Robin

  12. Beautiful spring pictures!! love the kitties!!

  13. That Butterfly pic is just beautiful what a wonderful moment to capture!!
    All your sprin flowers look so beautiful.. Everything is still strugging to make its entrance here in Ohio..and this Ohio plant lover is getting really

    thanks for sharing!

    Have a great Day!!


  14. What a lovely post with so much color Betty! I can't wait till next month to plant some flowers in pots for the porch.
    Hoping your greenhouse is fixed just to your liking, and holds up to those Kansas winds. They must do a real number out there..

  15. those blue flowers are Forget Me Knots

  16. The flowers are really beautiful!
    Such pretty colors.


  17. What wonderful pictures. My neighbor has a huge lilac bush and brings me bouquets. I always thank her but actually I'm allergic to them. I sneeze but I keep them, so pretty its worth having a stopped up head! heehee


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