Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~*My Poppies Have Started To Bloom!*~

Well, there is one blooming & one about to bloom in the weedy patch... :) ...

By the weekend though... the patch is going to be really pretty! Good thing too! We are hosting the big family May Birthday/Mother's Day party.

Tony worked more on my greenhouse/potting shed this weekend. He is nearing completion. Here is how the front looks now...

The old front doors were crushed by the wicked, Kansas winds. So he has constructed a new wooden front... using an old door. Along both sides of the door, he will be putting up this old siding (from a shed we are tearing down on our property... it is about to fall down anyway) I love how he is recycling the old wood!

He has had to do numerous repairs to the other support rods too. The top is much more secure now...

I also asked him to set this old sink in the work tables. It was the sink that was in the kitchen of the lil' house. Not pretty... but prim. It won't hold water in here. Instead, I plan to use it to hold my potting soil...

Here is the backside of the old door. I plan to put a coating of polyurethane on it to protect it. Hopefully it will last for years...

We had a great weekend with lots of antique browsing. Here is the goodie Tony bought me...

Not an 'antique'... but vintage, sweet, & rusty prim!

A darling cast iron birdbath...

Other goodies I picked up while we were out & about...

A green wooden tote (that I'll prim up some more & give it that great OLDE look), several ice pics & wooden spools (to make more rug hooks), a hog scrapper, some tin cups (for pinkeeps), a few old keys, some civil war print cottons, and the BEST buy of all... 100% cream color wool... for only $4 a yard!

I plan to do some more wool dyeing tomorrow! :)

Sarah has to approve everything brought into her home.

She approves! My pretty girl...

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. You got some good things antiqueing! I love the bird bath! I saw some like that in Germany, but never got one. They were expensive over there. Great deal on the wool too! I plan on getting the dye pots out this week too. I was wanting to do some light colors, but just checked and I'm missing one color of dye that I need for them all. Go figure! You got your green for this month on AAPG too! Can't wait to see how you use it.

  2. Beautiful! Love your poppies. :D I planted some seeds last weekend--wonder if they'll grow even this late? :0

  3. I love poppies! They are so pretty! I LOVE the birdbath too!

  4. Hurray for flowers and blue skies!!! You really did find some good treasures! Sarah is cutie!

  5. You wull certainly enjoy your greenhouse like me. Hugs Mary

  6. Oh, I am loving poppies lately, so it was fun to see one here. Lovely finds and your potting shed/greenhouse will be wonderful!

  7. Betty ~
    I love poppies! They are so delicate, yet so invasive. Mine have not yet begun to bud. Our weather is still just awful. I'm sure in August we will be begging for rain.
    Sweet little birdbath!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Beautiful greenhouse Betty! Love what you're doing with it! Lucky, lucky lady you are. Great finds too! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  9. My poppies have gone crazy, but they haven't started to bloom yet. (They are getting huge!) I think I may have to get me a sink like that for MY little greenhouse. Great prim finds. Have a Happy Mother's Day!


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