Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~*Sharing Some Gifts*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm so excited from the weekend and had such an awesome ~*Mother's Day*~... and birthday celebration too. I just have to share some of the gifts I received. They are spectacular! And it goes without saying... my family is too! :)

This prim shelf is from my lil' Sister... It is AWESOME! I think I squealed when I opened it... yup, I know I squealed! The old paint and the antique architecture of it is so GREAT! It is already hanging in our living room over the sofa... with one of the bird nests I saved from the yard last year (after the birds were done with it of course)...

Tony found this darling, prim doll cradle for me. I haven't decided yet where to display it... but I do know I need to get that doll quilt done that was started a couple years ago...

Red is my favorite color... and olde red is even better!

Trinity came home from school last Friday with the sweetest hand made card and a Styrofoam cup with flower seed starts. He was so proud of the flowers... that truly warmed my heart! I didn't get a snapshot of those, but you will see the flowers soon. He also visited the antique store and picked this lil' sewing box out for me. It has the perfect primness!

Last week I told you that I would share the gifts made for my Mom & Mother-in-Law. Here they are...

A punched with yarn rug for my Mother-in-Law that loves sunflowers...

For my Mom... she really liked the notebook covers I made for friends a few months ago. So, I stitched one up special for her. Why didn't I get a picture of her with it? We had supper with her & my side of the family Sunday evening. I had the camera with me. Why didn't I get another picture? Gggrrrrr...

Another one of my birthday gifts was a gift card to buy some flowers - from my sweet In-Laws. I picked those up yesterday... so time to get so planting. I'll share some garden shots with you tomorrow.

Until then... wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I love that design and notebook you made for your mom - fabulous!!

  2. Great gifts given and received! I like the design you stitched on your Mom's notebook cover... and the shelf and cradle and sewing box and flowers (both started and yet to be bought).... yep! Your family has you figured to a T! :-)

  3. I love the gifts you received and the ones given to your mother and mil! I would be loving that gift card!!

  4. Betty the gifts you made your mother & mother-in-law are wonderful..... plus I have to add how sweet that little sewing box is. :0)

  5. Great gifts....are you adoptable??lol..have a great day!

  6. How sweet those gifts. I love it, and do know the problem of the camera.

  7. You are truly blessed - and so is your family to have you in it. Wonderful gifts on both ends of the gifting! (LOVE that little shelf of yours!!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  8. The gifts you received are the best kind and so thoughtful!!
    And the gifts you gave were made with lots of love!!
    Looks like it was a wonderful Mother's Day celebration!

  9. What great gifts both received and given!
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh you did have a wonderful day! I love the gifts you made for your Mom and your Mother in Law! They are beautiful...but you always do such superb work!

  11. What lovely flowers. I have a larger version of your prim cradle. There is a bit of blue/green left on it. Right now it's in my cellar house wool room with bits and pieces of wool material! I wish you happy Spring from WV.

  12. love the pretty pictues of the iris. they are special for me as well. they were my mom's favoritats before she passed away. i ddn't get any from her yard as it was sold before i got up th oregon. miss that. ever want to split them when they get too to dense, i should would love to buy a couple of those by color purple ones from ya would be good memories of my mom. Marilyn


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